Vang Tao - Chong Mek! Can't into Thai Lan with motorcycle

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm from Vietnam and i'm comeback Vietnam from Laos yesterday.

    The last week, i had a plan to go Laos, Thailand, Cambodia by my motorcycle.

    When i crossing to Thailand from Laos at Vang Tao Chong Mek border, The immigration officer (captain) refused me crossing to Thailand, he has explain for me because Thailand and Vietnam is not sing contract transportation, so in this case he just only welcome man, is not the motorcycle.

    I said, OK. I don't care Vietnam and Thailand have sing contract transportation, but Vietnam anh Thailand is Asean...Unbelieve, he said ! Vietnam not yet...

    And I showed, i had crossing to Thailand in this border on the May 2010, he said the frist time is OK. is not the second time will be OK.

    Finally, he refused me into Thailand and recommend with me is try another border...funny?

    I don't understand him, maybe he is sick.
  2. Don't know what the problem is but the Vangtao/Chongmek border crossing appears to be difficult sometimes with regard to motorbikes crossing the border. You could try again at another time as it also seems to be that some officers are more "easy going and/or less burocratic" than others.

    Another option is the crossing over the bridge from Savannakhet to Mukdahan in Thailand (about 250 km north from Pakxe and a very boring road) but there have also been some reports that they don't allow motorbikes on the bridge so not sure if that will work or not. If that would not be allowed, the next crossing (another 100 km to the north from Savannakhet) would be the ferry crossing in Thakhek to Nakhon Phanom in Thailand.

    Or go to Cambodia through the border crossing to Stung Treng (new highway from the border to Stung Treng) and try from there to enter Thailand.
  3. Yes,I confirm,no bike crossing at Savannakhet-Mukdahan bridge(unless you put the bike on a truck!)
    I tried again last week but got turn back by the Laos police!
    Hope that will change sometime!
  4. @Auke: Tks for your info and i'll try another time.

    @Jeroma: Which means the immigration Thailand refused your motorcycle into Thailand or you can't leave Laos by police?

  5. It was the Laos immigration Police who didn t allow me to cross the bridge!
    The guy went to talk to his superior,and it was a "no way"!
    I will let you know when they II changed their stupid rules!

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