Vientiane-Nong Kai-Sri Chiang Mai-Loei


Jun 1, 2003
Two weeks of neverending beauty lies behind me. To capture this in words is a difficult task. (especially when one's a german writing english). I left Vientiane early to clear custums at the friendship bridge. I had a 6 day overstay with my bike. At first it seemd to be complicated and I thaught I had to pay for it. After talking to the head of the customs and ensuring him, that I never travelled by bike to Laos, he gave me his permission to his country with my bike. The Thai side this morning was very easy and no problem at all. So I was hitting direction Nakorn Sri Chiang Mai. The road was not spectecular but the cut bushes beside the road gave me an idea what people are able to do with nature. Elefant, pheasants, dinosaurs, birds and dragons I could see along the road until Nakorn Sri Chiang Mai, all nicely cut out of bushes. The Road from N. S Chiang Mai to Loei took me along the Meakhong with it's thousands of small islands in all kinds of forms. The road has some nice corners but the condition made me slow down a little bit. I actually planned to stay in Loei one night, but since it was early I continued riding diredtion Nakorn Thai. A very nice road, high speed, lotsa corners and a lot of beauty beside the road. About 20 km's away from Nakorn Thai, I saw a nice resort with totems in the garden. I pulled over to have lunch. Very nice resort with different kinds of parrots and birds and those funny totems in the garden. After that I kept going to Pitsanoluk passing all those nice scenic spots,like so many times before. In Pitsanoluk stayed over night because it was dark by now.

Next morning I jumped on the bike and drove back to Chiang Mai.