Vientiane Road Safety Crack Down

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    Vientiane traffic police will launch a major road safety campaign in all districts of the capital next week as part of efforts to crack down on various crimes and ensure motorists respect traffic regulations.

    The campaign comes in response to a notice from the Ministry of Public Security and an order issued by the Vientiane Police Headquarters, demanding traffic police work harder on, and pay more attention to, enforcing laws and regulations.

    The notice and regulation also call on all people to respect and obey traffic rules to avoid fines and road accidents that kill hundreds of people every year in Laos.

    Head of the Vientiane Traffic Police Office, Captain Viengxay Southiyanoun, said yesterday that the campaign will focus on removing vehicles that are not properly registered from the streets.

    Motorcycle riders with no helmets will also be targeted by capital police, who will work in cooperation with district police officers during the campaign.

    “We will also check documents related to vehicle ownership, road taxes and driving licenses,” Cpt Viengxay said, adding that the campaign is part of preparations for the celebrations to mark the 450th anniversary of Vientiane as the capital of Laos later this year.

    “Police apologise in advance for any inconvenience as a result of the campaign and we will do our best to facilitate traffic flow.”

    Cpt Viengxay said at least one major checkpoint with many police officers will be set up in each district to check vehicles as they pass through.

    There are a growing number of crimes being committed in the city by thieves using vehicles without number plates, causing public concern about safety and security in the capital.

    Last Saturday, two criminals were killed after an exchange of gunfire with police in Sidamduan village, Chanthabouly district in Vientiane. Police believe that cracking down on vehicles without number plates will facilitate their efforts to track down criminals and reduce the crime rate.

    The Ministry of Public Security issued a regulation regarding measures to deal with vehicles without number plate several months ago and police have impounded a number of such vehicles, including some that had been stolen.

    The additional notice from the ministry aims to push police to work harder and strictly enforce traffic regulations and laws as part of efforts to address social problems in the capital.

    Cpt Viengxay said police will also be stationed near schools next week to crack down on students that drive illegally modified vehicles, drive without a license, and fail to wear a helmet while riding motorbikes.

    Source: Vientiane Times
    September 9, 2010
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    lots of impounded bikes i'd expect

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