viet nam to Cambodia any chance?

Discussion in 'Vietnam - General Discussion Forum' started by ralphboy, Apr 10, 2006.

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    ive got the 125 minsk, wi some paper in another guys name, i aint got the time to arrange a carnet. im getting mixed reports on my chances, moc bai is the obvios choice an ive come came in to viet this way in the past an it looks busy an hard. im only intending on a one way, sell the bike on in PP. do you know of anybody who has crossed? will a bribe secure it?
    many thanks
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  3. jimoi

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    I don't think it will work but you can certainly try. As of January 01, 2006 a new motorbike passport is required to leave the country. I have know several people including myself that have crossed into Laos before this law. Digby's post shows the tightening of the borders as to riding around as he was rejected to enter Laos. He speaks fluent VN and if anyone could get over, it was him and his riding companion. I tried to cross into Cambodia with my bike at all 3 points and was refused. This was before the new law and the boys at the Chau Doc border are not so friendly. The border below Chau Doc was a bit more loose but also think bribes won't get you across.

    Best to try Moc Bai but it's a long shot to sell that bike in PP. If you do, great luck has been with you. There are many reports here about Moc Bai and my 3 hours there trying to get over were a bust, I even had the paper trail of 6 months of crossing into Thailand/Cambodia/Laos and back into VN with me but no was the sad reply.

    Let us know!!

    It's sad, all we want to do is ride.

    Ride Safe
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    We crossed it the other way (Cambodia - Vietnam) at the Mekong river border. Easy as pie. There's a report about it in this forum. This is a fantastic way into Cambodia, as the riverside villages are so beautiful.
    For the border officials, it doesn't matter if the papers are in someone else's name, as they hardly see anyone crossing the border overland anyway. You don't need a carnet.
    You may need a sheet for declaration of the bike into cambodia. But chances are slim that the Cambodian embassy in Vietnam or the border folks will be able to help. If they can't produce the paper, promise them to get legal in Phnom Pehm.

    Selling the bike in pp will be much harder than getting it there. If you ever need any service done, go to Bernard's The Bike Shop on street 302. He overhauled ours entirely.
  5. jimoi

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    Likewise, Cambo into VN on my Vn registered bike was a breeze at the border below Chau Doc. Remember what Digby posted,
    "Two weeks ago two of us on Minsks tried to get into Laos from Vietnam at Lao Bao. We were turned back by the Vietnamese customs officers. As of Jan 1, new regulations came into place in Vietnam that require you to get a kind of passport for any vehicle leaving the country. This passport is issued by the Ministry of Transport after loads of paperwork."

    Ride Safe

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