Vietnam/Laos Border Crossings

Discussion in 'Laos Road Trip Reports' started by Bat, Jan 17, 2004.

  1. Just a note to would-be riders between Vietnam to Laos (I can only vouch for that direction having only come that way), it may be advisable to only go through the Cau Treo (V) - Laos Route 8 border if you want your motorbike to accompany you. We spent a gruelling two wet days, and two major bike drops in mud slicks masquerading as road, travelling all the way up to the Nam Can (V) - Nonghet (L) border to be turned away by a very officious little customs guard (I could spit on about him for hours) who claimed our bike was illegal since we didn't have 'the stamp' on our change of ownership paper. Nothing was going to make this man change his mind, even the local fuzz couldn't talk him round. Apparently he had turned down 2 NZers coming from Laos the day before, which would have been worse for them since their visa's would then have been invalid for Laos.
    So to save your self the hassle take this advice and go through the Cau Treo border,(or the other one West of Hue (V) though it does mean travelling a little further south if you're coming from the north. Neither side even looked at the bike. (we got very nervous when they stamped our visas USED, and we hadn't gone through customs yet. To be safe we thought we would declare it to the 'Vehicle Importation Office' on the Laos side, but they just thought we were mad and told us to be on our way. Motorbikes don't have to pay new road/bridge charges in Laos either, Sweet! (Vietnam charges 1000 dong per moto, not much but it does add up if your'e doing long stretches). If anyone wants any meagre offerings on motorbike touring in Nth Vietnam, or who to get in touch with there, especially Hanoi, give us a yell. Happy travels, bat.
  2. Hi Bat

    What bike were you riding?

    How did you get it into Vietnam?

    Enquiring minds want to know!!

  3. I've started a long spiel about our small trip around Nth Vietnam in the newly created Vietnam section, and in that I have said what where how etc, but the short answer is we bought a Minsk in Hanoi.

    Sorry I can't give you your anticipated answer of it being fine to take a bike into Vnm..try, find out, and then let the rest of us know!
  4. Same experience in taking a bkike from VTN to Lao. Cau Treo was a breeze, nobody even looked at the bike. (Vietnam side did check the engine and frame numbers). Laos side did't even know why we had stopped to tell them that we had a bike. From what I have heard this is the only border crossing between Laos and Vietnam that will let you pass with a bike.

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