vietnam to laos possible over tet?

Jan 24, 2007
Hi all

I'm tentatively planning a motorbike trip into north/central Laos from VN over Tet and hoped that I could use your experiences to answer three questions I had:

(1) Is there any update on the posts from jimoi and digby from June 2006 on problems at the border taking bikes into Laos? Is any special paperwork still required (like the official letter that jimoi had to organise)?

(2) Does anyone know if it's possible to rent a Minsk from Cuong's or anywhere else in Hanoi and take it into Laos (ie is Cuong able and willing to provide the paperwork needed)?

(3) I was thinking of taking the Na Meo border or possibly Nam Kanh. Do you think there will be any problems exiting over Tet?

many thanks in advance for your help!

- Sri


Nov 17, 2004
It's hard to say these days. Some people get across but from what I've heard, still not likely. Digby would be a better source these days,

Yes, it's possible, fortune favors the bribe. Nam Kanh is a shit border, go to Cau Trau instead if you go south. Don't pack heavy if you go over Nam Meo, the first 19 km are hella uphill and the minsk will suffer but make it.

There is also no Lao visa on arrival here.

best of luck.