Vintage Bike #16 November 2022


Dec 9, 2008
Many people were keen to visit VintageBike this year as it had been cancelled for the previous two years. It is the perhaps the ultimate "petrolhead" convention in Thailand.

It was a three day ride for me to get there, on my '59 Thunderbird.
2022-11-09 08.13.11-1.jpg

I met up with Khun Tu from Phrae, in Ngao on highway 1. Taking a break at Pratu Pha, Lampang. Khun Tu was on his Thruxton RS.
2022-11-09 13.53.28.jpg

We had to drop in to see the Balancing Rock in Uthai Thani.
2022-11-10 13.57.36.jpg
2022-11-10 14.00.19.jpg
2022-11-10 14.59.52.jpg
2022-11-10 15.00.13.jpg

Clearly a Khao Chang mountain, in Saraburi.
2022-11-10 15.11.29.jpg

We dropped in to CarHenge.
2022-11-11 12.03.53.jpg
2022-11-11 12.04.02.jpg
2022-11-11 12.05.08.jpg
2022-11-11 12.05.27.jpg

We had stayed in Thoen the first night, Dan Chang Saraburi the second night and reached the River Kwai valley for the third night.
Then on the Saturday, we rode to meet the rest of our classic bike club guys, near the city of Kanchanaburi.
By this time, there were all sorts bikes at every petrol station.
2022-11-12 10.03.44.jpg

"If it ain't Long, it's Wrong"..... Soney Vaughs.
2022-11-12 10.05.18.jpg

The Lanna Independent Classic Motorbike Endeavour guys meet up. Triumphs, BSA, MotoGuzzi, Ariel, Yamaha & Honda.
2022-11-12 12.18.41.jpg
2022-11-12 12.54.39.jpg

I managed to squeeze my coffin tent in at the back of the camp site.
2022-11-12 15.43.43.jpg

Taking a walk around the rally, bikes and classic custom cars constantly rolling in.
2022-11-12 15.51.22.jpg
2022-11-12 15.51.32.jpg
2022-11-12 15.51.40.jpg
2022-11-12 15.51.47.jpg

2022-11-12 15.51.53.jpg
2022-11-12 15.51.58.jpg
2022-11-12 15.52.22.jpg
2022-11-12 15.52.28.jpg
2022-11-12 15.52.32.jpg
2022-11-12 15.52.36.jpg
2022-11-12 15.54.09.jpg

An original Indian and I believe two electric bikes.
2022-11-12 15.56.44.jpg

2022-11-12 15.56.55.jpg
2022-11-12 15.57.13.jpg
2022-11-12 15.58.30.jpg
2022-11-12 15.59.12.jpg

The Knucklehead gets pride of place.
2022-11-12 16.01.18.jpg

2022-11-12 16.00.57.jpg
2022-11-12 16.01.18.jpg

2022-11-12 16.01.58.jpg
2022-11-12 16.04.20.jpg

2022-11-12 16.05.07.jpg

Standing engines of all sizes and ages.
2022-11-12 16.08.43.jpg
2022-11-12 16.09.26.jpg
2022-11-12 16.30.35.jpg
2022-11-12 16.09.31.jpg
2022-11-12 16.10.23.jpg
2022-11-12 16.10.42.jpg
2022-11-12 16.21.42.jpg
2022-11-12 16.24.39.jpg
2022-11-12 16.25.40.jpg
2022-11-12 16.30.24.jpg
2022-11-12 16.34.28.jpg

There were hundreds of Yam SRs and hundreds of Harleys, plus the MZ club had a good number of machines there.
2022-11-12 16.47.29.jpg
2022-11-12 16.47.49.jpg


More to follow................
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Dec 9, 2008
As the sun was setting the show areas were still filling up.
2022-11-12 17.03.39.jpg

The BSA M20 club from Rayong was there, as usual.
2022-11-12 17.16.27.jpg

2022-11-12 17.21.50.jpg
2022-11-12 17.22.14.jpg
2022-11-12 17.22.18.jpg
2022-11-12 17.26.42.jpg

The petrol tank and rear mudguard have been inlaid in mother of pearl.
2022-11-12 17.31.56.jpg

2022-11-12 17.26.50.jpg
2022-11-12 17.32.36.jpg

What to say...? some sort of bondage relationship going on here...
2022-11-12 17.33.15.jpg

I'm not a car guy so I don't understand this one..
2022-11-12 17.34.45.jpg
2022-11-12 17.39.40.jpg

2022-11-12 20.30.43.jpg
2022-11-12 20.47.44.jpg

I would guess there were about 10,000 people there and possibly around 4,000 bikes of every flavour. Plus the cars, trucks and standing engines etc.
There was a huge stage with a good band, tons of food of course and gallons of beer flowing.
A great time was had by all.
I got no sleep in my tent, as the sound of engines went on all night long... perhaps next year I may retire to a local hotel....

I returned home via the small road alongside the reservoir, taking in the short ferry ride.
2022-11-13 07.16.18.jpg

2022-11-13 07.16.23.jpg
2022-11-13 08.10.19.jpg

The chedi in a boat on the mountain pass north of the reservoir.
2022-11-13 08.14.25.jpg

Around this time, I realised I had insufficient oil pressure to the crankshaft.

The button on this pressure release valve should protrude at 80psi, indicating oil bypass at the crank end oil feed. So, I have insufficient oil pressure.... damn.
What to do....... about 800klms from home....?
Hire a pickup truck to take me home at huge cost, or risk the ride home.... possibly drying out the big ends and seizing the engine...
It would be extremely difficult to find a replacement seal out on the road.

I chose the latter...
Two days later I had made it home, max speed about 60mph. Lucky lucky lucky...
I had replaced the crank end oil seal just before leaving home for the rally, but when I inspected the seal, after returning, I realised I had hamfistedly chewed up the perimeter of the seal getting it installed. So, I was losing pressure around the outside of the seal. A pressure gauge showed I had about 5-15psi pressure when cold. It would have been less when hot..
I believe what saved the day, was that I have a Morgo high flow oil pump installed and the extra 25% flow made the engine usable.

2022-11-13 13.04.55.jpg

I came across this ancient walled town, in Uthai Thani. Complete with moat and embankment. Although no signs of any temple structures.
2022-11-13 13.05.08.jpg

2022-11-13 13.12.06.jpg

2022-11-13 13.12.16.jpg

Another classic bike adventure and great to see all the guys.

Hopefully VintageBike #17 will be on in November 2023 and we can do it all again...


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