Wanted - 10k-40k bike in Chiang Mai

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  1. I'm in Chiang Mai and looking for a bike for city commuting and back road fun. It needs a clutch but doesn't need to be big. I prefer something with some trail capabilities but I'd also think about a good deal on an NSR150 or similar or even a little 2-stroke Sonic. It does not need to look pretty - it just has to work well enough to get me to work every day. I'm looking to spend 15k-25k but - if I have to - I could spend a bit more.

  2. Alex you'll not get one without some work by yourselves:
    get some Thai friend to help you and key in: www.mocyc.com then go to classifieds and key into their search function:
    dt125, dt200, mtx125, rmx125, and other models and you'll see what comes up, with luck you'll find some sellers up here, then just call them and ask your questions.
    These bikes are mostly registered.
    Another choice would be: www.thaisecondhand.com, go to 'rot wibahrk' which means offroad and then to the 4 jap manufactorers, but on this side there's no search function.
    An English one would be: www.bahtsold.com
    I got some bikes from these sites, as mentioned before it takes some time and searching.......good luck, fr
  3. Thanks for the leads Franz. Just test rode a DT125 but it was a heap. Heading to the San Patong market tomorrow to keep looking...
  4. I've been to the Saturday San Patong market and it looks like all the bikes get moved to the San Sai market on Sunday. It's on the road to Mae Jo and only about a quarter of the distance from Chiang Mai. As anywhere in the world, beware the horse traders-I've seen bikes that show 6000k on the clock with bald after market tires. It's probably better to buy from a Farang owner. One Thai quote I've heard more than once is "Why change oil? Has oil". Fortunately, the bikes in question have been designed to take all manner of abuse and still perform and if worse comes to worse an engine rebuild can cost as little as 1500 baht. It's probably better to pay a little more for a later model-the chimpanzees with wrenches and wire cutters that comprise 90% of the mechanic work force around most of the planet tend to do more damage than good and the "heap" you're talking about is probably an example of that. Good luck in your search.
  5. Hi.

    I have a couple of well priced nsr's if you are interested.


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