Wanted: Cbr600rr

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  1. crawford

    crawford Member

    I am very interested in Purchasing a CBR600RR in good shape and preferably 2007 or later.
    Willing to Pay Good Price for the Right Bike
    Must have green book.
    I would prefer Bangkok Pattaya Chonburi Area obviously
    Please send photo, price, condition, mileage, and whether restricted or not.
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  3. monkeyofdoom

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  4. crawford

    crawford Member

    Hi, Yes saw your post as did reply there also (Know also you replied today) It does appear to be exactly what I am looking for, if you were closer would jump in the car and come, but Chiang Mai is a bit of a trip
  5. yankee99

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  6. Junzy001

    Junzy001 New Member

    Hello guys. Anyone know where to get a decent cbr600rr 07 and up? Willing to pay good money for it too. Based in bangkok btw. Cheers
  7. Junzy001

    Junzy001 New Member

    What year is this bike?

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