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  1. bung

    bung Ol'Timer


    I'm looking for an enduro bike. Kawasaki KDX 220 or 250. Or Honda CRM 250.

    Must be very good condition.

    Cash ready to buy and I will pick up.

    Email - [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
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  3. jon

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    Bung , there is a monthly Thai motorcycle magazine.The title is in Thai but just under it is "Road kruang magazine". It has lots of photos of bikes for sale with price and phone number .I have seen a few KDX 250's in there as well as a few CRM's and a load of smaller road bikes.The only KDX 250 I know is in Pai . It belongs to a Thai guy who works with the Pai enduro school . I don't know if he would sell it .It seems to go well and he came 8th overall at last years Pai 2 day enduro.
  4. jon

    jon Ol'Timer

    Bung,I saw a KDX 250 in the Motocross shop in chiangmai this morning .it is a 1994 model with book and number plate .it looks clean and they are asking 95,000 baht.
  5. Pikey

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    There is a non-plated CRM250 at G3 m/c shop in CM. Asking price is 65k. I test road it and the engine pulls like a train but the front brake needs some attention. Overall condition is good and I think I was told it's a 98 "AR" model. Also, check out the classifieds at www.mocyc.com


  6. bung

    bung Ol'Timer

    Thanks for the info guy's. I may have found a '99 CRM 250AR locally, farang owned but I am riding to CM on the 8th for bike week and want to check out some of the shops there. I'll be on my BMW F650 Dakar!
  7. Azoulay

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    Hi, Friends,

    Few questions:

    -Which used bikes shops would you recommand in and around BKK ?

    -Which Off-Road bike would you recommand to source in Thailand around 150.000 TBH ?

    I would look for a powerfull engine, with a big tork, not too heavy really for off-road biking, not a deguised Grand Tourism such Valaredo of other of this sort ?

    Where do the Farang Bike riders meet in BKK ?
  8. Rhodie

    Rhodie Ol'Timer


    You mean to say you are not gonna take your immaculate monster off-road?
    Sweet picture with matching skid lid - real euro style - magnifique!

    There was a very recent post for an Africa Twin, tho some doubt over true year.
    Even so, David our FL and Robert H [x3 is it now?] can't be wrong.
    This would be worth looking into if you are looking for an indo-chine etalon.
    Good luck with the search.

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