Wanted Honda CBR250 in Chiang Mai area

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  1. I am still looking to buy a Honda CBR250 in the Chiang mai area (any colour)

    must be low km (under 8000) and in good condition

    will pay 85k for a non ABS or a little more for an ABS version

    PM me or call/text 0868 425633

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  2. Wow You still looking! I am surprised You haven't found one Yet, I thought there should be loads of them on the Market?? You might have to Bite the Bullet and just Pay the Extra for a new One! Good Luck!
  3. I would be surprised if any one would sell a CBR 250 for 85k as that bike even without ABS was 125k in Chiang MAI ABOUT 14 months ago as I went to buy one and was put on a waiting list for a month so bought a different bike but good luck to you if someone will sell for that price as thats a steal at that price.
    May be that is why your finding it hard to find one.
  4. I think your getting confused David..........the non ABS has been selling for 115k for a long time now and the ABS version is 125K.......the non ABS came out in 2010 I think at 107K

    Hi to you Ian Bungy......I havent been seriously looking but as there have been very few offered for sale recently in CM I thought I would try another wanted ad

    there are plenty of bikes in bkk and pattaya in the 85k price bracket but I dont wish to travel to buy one
  5. have now bought a nice low mileage example so will close the thread
  6. What did you get - how much & how old & many kms on the clock. Please tell..

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