WANTED: joining a group to ride from 26 Jan - 2 Feb

Discussion in 'Central Thailand Road Trip Reports' started by Sylvie, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Ciao,

    my name is Sylvie, I am a young french woman leaving in Italy, Rome.
    I am a biker for the past 20 years, as started when I was 16 years old...

    I currently have (for the past 18 years a Suzuki Djebel 650cm3, from 1991 with.....117000 km on the clock!!!! 102000km made by myself around Ireland, Wales, France (and Corsica island), Switzerland, Italy (and Sardaigna island) and Greece, and still hapilly running in the roman traffic, and on the italian country roads, with my friends of RomaMotard.

    I'll have some free time in Thailand from 26th January to 2nd Feb, and I would love to experience descovering Thailand on a bike, maybe with other people...what could you propose around those dates??

    Please help!
    Thanks & ciao from Rome,
  2. Just head to ChiangMai, hire a bike and DO IT, Sylvie - it really is that easy, and for an experienced rider a real treat.
    If you only have time for one longish ride, do the Mae Hong Son loop, and leave yourself a little time to enjoy the town and sights along the way.
  3. Sylvie

    I been driving in Italy as well with Bike, car and 20Ton Semi, and roads in there are heavent to ride wen compare Thailand, just take your time, stay on your lane, look carefully when riding mountain roads as drivers often cut the corners and come against you in your OWN lane, but formost enjoy the sceenery.

    One thing i must point out to you, watch out anything what comes from your left, people here coming out from every street and do not stop and wait you to pass, and even when you are close you think they wait,, no they dont. Running dogs, cats, cows,chicken,pigs, just name of the few are using roads as well.
    you are experienced ride so you know thse things, but Thailand has it's own driving culture, nothing to compare Europe...

    Ride Safely

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