Wanted: Starter Clutch Assembly 1983 Cl250s Honda Scrambler (md04)

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    Hi guys,
    Starter part 02.
    I'm having real problems finding parts for my newly rebuilt scrambler.
    Starter part 01.
    The MD04 CL250s was, as i've discovered, only manufactured for a few years, but plenty were made during the early 80's.
    My options at this point are:-
    Find the spare parts (duh)
    Convert to a kickstart (split the crankcase)
    Buy a new engine
    I've dropped nearly a 100000baht on it already so i'd really like to find the parts!
    Does any know of any parts shops in Thailand/Asia that may have parts for older Hondas like mine? Or perhaps advice about my next step? At the moment all i have is an expensive, good-looking paperweight :(
    Any help appreciated, thanks.

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