Wanted to swap Versys plastics

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  1. Does anybody in the Chiang Mai area want to swap their silver coloured side trims ( as shown in attached picture ) for black ones off a one day old Versys ? If you do and they are in good order drop me a line .


    0831957700 / [email protected]
  2. If no one takes you up on that offer you can just go buy them new for about 1000 Baht :)
  3. Thanks Tony, I might swing by Kawasaki CM today and see. No doubt theyll say 2 -3 days and take a month to bring up from BKK
  4. Kawasaki Chiang Mai has a fairly large warehouse of OEM spare parts. If they don't have what you need they should be able to source from the factory for you within a few days. Ride On! Tony
  5. Could swap mine Gary. Give me a call.
  6. Ron, thanks but already swapped with a guy from the Kawasaki shop yesterday
  7. OK you swaped it already .... but for others wondering ....
    You can buy/order all the plastic parts of your Versys .... all together the all set for 14.000thb (at least 9 parts).
    The red side-tank-cover costs 1400thb for one (but can be orderd in other colors also)
    The silver side-enigine-cover costs 750thb for one (silver or black).
    The Kawa-dealer in PTY says it takes 2 weeks to order .....

    Chang Noi

    P.s. On the photo here I say the side-reflectors (USA model?) ... anyone knows where I can buy them here in Thailand?

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