WANTED: XL600R 84? Parts

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  1. Can anyone help ? I need a camshaft , rockers,clutch plates for a XL600R I think 1984 model.Second hand put usable OK.Does anyone know if these bits are available in Singapore?[:(]
  2. Please e-mail me directly to see what I can help. E-mail address: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    I will be going up North on 26th Dec.
    If I will to look for the parts, it leave me with only 23th and 24th to hunt for them. Time running out.

  3. Thanks, sorry I'm late with this reply. I only need a gasket kit now, rings and clutch plates. I'm in no rush as the rest of the bike is getting painted. I might even make it to Singapore to get some parts if I know what is available there.Can you get bits for the older 600's there?Like rings,gaskets etc.
  4. Just back from the tran-Thailand ride.
    Still settling down.
    Will try to ask around for the parts.
    will keep you update if I managed to get anything.
  5. Managed to find the shop that deal with honda spare parts in Singapore.

    They need the engine nos and chasis nos in order to make sure that they are looking for the correct parts for the correct bike model.

    So it will be better that you could liases with them directly.

    Their website is: www.eversuccess.com.sg

    Let me know if any other help needed.
  6. Thanks Phuah,
    I will check them out, I'm just back from Vietnam.
  7. Hi Harry
    Just wondering if you can give me some advise, I have a Honda XL600 that is the same as the one pictured on the main page of this site, second from the right with double headlights. David told me in an email that you are a bit of an expert on these bikes, so am wondering if you can give me info as to what exactly my model is, as I can not find any info on the Honda site, other than 1 solitary picture, but no model name etc. People have told me I have a Dakar, which I know is totally wrong, but no one can tell me correctly, so hoping you can help..
    I need also to look up info as to how to stop tappet noise that just started a few weeks ago, and while its not a real problem, its annoying, and never before did that
    Any help you give me is well appreciated..

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