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  1. This was psoted on Udonmap today there is another thread on Thaivisa about it. They are very serious about this. I normally in the past slide by with my five year Thai drivers license looks like those days are gone for awhile. These are immigration cops, they want to see the original not a copy.

    "Effective this date, the Thai government is starting to go around and checking entertainment places, restaurants and every place else that falangs may gather or get together. Those that are going around are legitimate government employees that speak good to excellent English. I emphasize that for a reason: No more saying "I don't understand" or having your Thai Wife or Girlfriend step in and speak for you. No longer can that be an excuse... at least with this group that is going around.

    What is the impact on falangs? Simply this: They want to see your passport. Not a perfect color copy of it - but the actual passport. You can give them any reason you want to for not having the passport with you - and they are quick to remind you that you are in Thailand and it is Thai Law that you produce your passport when requested to do so.

    Why is the passport so important? The boys that I spoke with tonight had a file folder about 3/4 inch thick full of picutes and passport information about falangs that are wanted in their home countries for any number of different crimes - no doubt pedos being the number one. If they can compare the passport with the information in their file - then you are GONE.

    The man that I spoke with tonight told me that he had spent 2 years in Michigan - and that he had to follow Michigan Laws and US Laws - so therefore it was my obligation or duty to follow Thai laws to the letter. Hard to argue with that type of logic when presented to me by the officer...

    Yes, Thailand is changing. Despite what some here might say, I would say that it is more of an end to the era of "see no evil - say no evil." This is NOT an active campaign against falangs. This is NOT part of Thailand being less falang friendly. This is Thailand deciding to enforce the laws that are already on the books to make sure that only quality people live here.

    On a side note - even the police are starting to crack down on falangs. You can - possibly - get a warning the first time. Second time, for something somewhat major - something that would put you in jail in your home country - more than likely, you will go to the Monkey House and then face deportation.

    To avoid problems - carry your passport with you - or have it readily accessable. When it gets close to the legal closing time (1:00 AM) - get your self on the way home. But be careful with that one too - there are plans in the works to set up traffic stops as well. Here in Thailand - 50mg of alcohol in your blood / breath is classified as "drunk driving." For Thais - and that is all that they have run the tests on to my knowledge - that comes out to about 4 small beers - or 2 large beers. No idea about spirits, or with larger people. Naturally, metabolism, last time you ate, body size, etc can affect the reading - so make your own judgments.

    So - everyone here has been warned. Up to you now."
  2. Dear Ray,

    Thanks for this information and warning, if it' s for the good cause I could only agree...Thailand is a so wonderfull country that I don't want to see it spoiled by a bunch of "undesirable persons" who look down here for Eden as they are unwanted in their home country or elsewhere.

    The issue for me is not to carry the passport with me but my fear is to loose it, which will place me in difficulties, even if I can renew it at the Ambassy.

    In France (where I am from) we have a ID card (plastified and easy to carry) and a pass, do you think they will accept to control upon an ID card ?

    Thanks for your answer.
  3. Sounds fair that they want to clean up the place.
    Main downside I see is the increased risk of losing/stolen passport brought about by having to carry it at all times rather than leaving it in a safety deposit box or whatever.
    When I visit Thailand (from Cambodia)I am riding my DRZ so normally have passport and bike customs papers on me.
    However, it would be pain for the long term legit residents to carry their passport at all times
    They probably need to do a similar thing in Cambodia now as I suspect some of your scumbags will migrate over here to avoid the Thai immigration checks.
  4. We have farrang here that is a member of our local tourist police, he has committed to doing some research on the posiblity of a notorized copy being used as opposed to the actual passport. Losing it is the first thing that crossed my mind, the second what condition would i be in being carried day in and day out.

    I'm with you guys I keep things legal so it's no having to show it, it's the other possibilties that bother me. Especaiily wiht our typ of activities how many guys whop ride have not been drenched to the bone is a rain storm?

    As hear things on this mattter I will post them, but I can not guarentee that they are accurate. I'm hoping for an acceptable mid ground
  5. I wonder how the Russian mafia in Pattaya will fare in this situation?

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