Warning do not buy if no Import/customs papers.

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  1. A guy brought a Ducati 996 to me yesterday for some servicing, it is running like a dog.Thais and people who dont know what to do to Ducatis have been messing with it.

    However the really sad thing is that he has paid 550,000 baht for this bike 2 years ago with no import papers or book from a well known Pattaya Dealer, without the import papers/customs invoices it is impossible to register a bike and it could be impounded by the police or customs anytime. He has asked me to help him get a book and registration but that is impossible without the import documents and customs duty papers.
    The dealer is giving him the run around (farang ) and will not refund the money, he has offered to put the bike in his shop and sell it with commission,but of course it still wont be legal.

    Do not buy a bike without custom invoices, there will usually be 3 as the machine is imported in pieces.

    I cant help this guy he is a decent chap and very angry.

  2. Hi, Jerry,

    Just tell me, in your introduction profile I do not see anything about servicing and garage activity, are you servicing ? Where are you located ? What bikes are you specialised in ? DUCATI ?

    Thanks by advance for your answer.
  3. Is the dealer mayby Siam Racing in Pattaya?
  4. Jerry. You are too nice a guy. People with bad intentions might try & make problems for you. How does a motorcycle just "show up" here with no paperwork? The seller sounds like a crook.
  5. The answers to your questions,

    1st yes the dealer was Siam racing motorcycles,

    2nd I am a partner in Wranglers which sells only HD and Buell they specialise in new and late model bike standard not custom, full servicing and repair with full computer diagnostic for HD and Buell.

    3rd I am a trained engineer and love my Ducatis , I do not run a service area for Ducatis but will help anyone I can, I specialise in Ducati, Triumphs and sometimes Jap bikes, I have a lot of specialist tools and tuning equipment .Bikes are my passion.Sometimes i sell or sourcegood bikes for people.

    4th dont worry about me i have been around Thailand many years and before worked in war zones, I like to tell it as it is, to many bad people hurt good people I wont allow it if I can.


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