Waze free gps nav app - anyone using it?

Apr 27, 2010
Hello forum!

I just came across this free gps nav app (iOS and Android) Waze, and being free and all i had to give it try..

Although i haven't been able to use it all that much yet, (tooling around on a 110cc Spark with the phone in my pocket..), but from what i've seen so far, i've to say its brilliant with loads of potential.

It does require a 3g connection but seems to be pretty lean on bandwidth, and also seems to aimed more towards commuting than bike touring..
But here's the thing, it lets you update and report things like roadblocks, accidents, speedcams, police etc. in real time.. Also being "community based" means the more people using it the more accurate maps and other info gets..

As i said, i haven't been able to dig in very deep in to it, so not sure how well it works as a bike-gps, but if it does, being able to report things like collapsed roads etc. to other riders in real time should be real handy!

I just thought i'd check if anyone was using it and how it worked for you.. And if no, maybe give it try?

Anyway, here's a link to their youtube channel And there's loads of other info around the web as well...

Let us know what you think..

Mar 21, 2005
I'm living in The Netherlands. But that's not so important. Because I'm part of a group of dedicated mapeditors (both local and farang) that has been working on maintaining and expanding Waze's map of Thailand.

And maybe we could start something of mutual benefit for both Waze mapeditors and the motorbike riders in this forum.
We could use your input to improve our map. And you guys can use Waze to navigate and benefit from it's other built in functions like finding gasstations, report roadworks & speedtraps, etc