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Discussion in 'Eastern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by DavidFL, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. Franz
    Well, I don't think we were excessively under the influence last night, so here it is: your own Eastern Thailand section. I hope this works & that we can build up an Eastern Thailand motorcycling community.

    So all you riders out there in Chonburi / Rayong / Chantaburi / Sa Kaew welcome to the Eastern Thailand section of the GT Rider board. Please join in & contribute your own tips for favourite rides, motorcycle related shops, hotels & bars that you personally use (not hearsay) and find motorcycle friendly.

    Good luck. Take care, ride safe & enjoy.
  2. Hi David, it was really a pleasure to meet you in CNX; many thanks also for giving us the opportunity to make specific postings in the eastern seaboard area; I'm sure Jerry-Monsterman, Richard-Richxxxx, many others and me can contribute a lot about this part of Thailand altough it is not so mountainous as the North. Hope your shoulder doesn't mess up your trips too much, so happy biking & cheers, Franz
  3. I believe Frankc down there in Pattaya has just recently purchased an African Twin, so with this bike and his KTM he keeps in Cambodia, we should be seeing some interesting reports from him.

    YOU LISTENING MR FRANK..................
  4. You're right John, would be good if some guys came out from the Pattaya beerbars and distributed something to this forum other than questions & requests, doesn't take so much time and effort.......come on guys get some reports done.....(not you Jerry-Monsterman of course; there's plenty of us around Chonburi-Rayong-Chantaburi-Sakaew-Prachinburi-Trat-Chachoengsao) We do not want to end up like the guys in Isan where mostly only Ray23 is contributing.............
  5. Just read silverhawks post.very interesting.
    Quote..( never seen farang before)
    A few years ago i was staying in Chantaburi
    Me and the missus went for a ride..
    Sort of on the way to Sakaew.took a bit of a thai shortcut
    Yeah we all know about them
    Stopped in a small village to get something to eat.
    Walked through a small market..and the locals kept staring into my eyes
    and touching my arms.
    Later i asked the missus ..why did they do that
    Well ..she repyled.they have never seen farang before ..blue eyes and hair on the arms...
    Amazing Thailand.
    Jeez..i live in coromandel NZ
    Even the shelias have hairy feet

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