What bike is this?

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  1. Spotted in Hanoi a couple of weeks ago, & part of our ride Chiang Mai - Hanoi & return.

    Hint, it's the one on the left & it was the size of the tyre that first caught our attention...








    Who said there were no big bikes in Hanoi?

    For a trip report on the ride Chiang Mai Hanoi & back, go to the Vietnam Trip Reports Section.
  2. I didn't go in the shop with you guys and you didn't tell me about it, so I am going to spoil your fun and answer straight away :mrgreen: . :D

    Traverston V-Rex. http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/ ... 75546.html

    Now who can answer; What is it doing in Vietnam?
  3. I'll try to answer that. Despite,or maybe because of their late development, the Vietnamese are passionate about one-up-man-ship, designer labels and status symbols. During recent work there I saw Rolls Royce's, Bentley's and Ferrari's. If you only have $50,000 to splash out on transport you are never going to cut it with a car. But this is novel, eye-catching and probably the only one in town, so far. Whatever turns you on!
  4. I would say that is a fair answer. I believe that trait is probably not limited to Vietnam, but has surfaced in most of SE Asia.

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