What is a Baja?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by daewoo, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. daewoo

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    Well I know that it is a Honda XR250, but.

    It seems that every XR250 from a rental place in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos is a Honda Baja, yet I can find no info on them here in Australia.

    Honda here sell the XR250, and the XL250. It seems that the Baja is a much better spec bike, with all the touring gear, elec start, etc.

    I think that Baja's are a factory model, maybe just never imported into Australia.

    Is it the same as Baja Designs which seems to be a US aftermarket brand?

    I have an 85 XR250 here, but it ain't no Baja that's for sure. Kick Start, no Speedo, still road registerable.

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  3. penetrator

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    I think the name Baja comes from an Enduro race through the area of Baja which I believe is in Mexico or possibly the Southern USA in California.

    Aint got a clue as to the various specs of Bajas/XR250's.

    Anyone know why Suzuki use the name Djebel btw ?
  4. grrr

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    They are all Japanese models...

    XLR250 Baja
    Desert Race, Single cam, 4 Valve, Air cooled
    1987 to 1994
    Named after the desert race on the Mexican Baja peninsula, this model is the same as the standard XLR but with a pair of huge headlights and the headstock mounted oil cooler from the XR. The headlights may look vulnerable but are actually well tucked in and protected by a tough guard rail. Those lights are also very very bright making night time off roading quite possible - as long as you don't stall it because like the standard XLRs it doesn't have a battery.

    XR250 Baja
    Desert race, Single cam, 4 Valve, Air cooled, Electric start
    1995 to present
    As the XR250 but with even bigger twin headlights than the previous Baja, this time frame mounted and topped off with a posh digital dash that's very similar to the one found on the Africa Twin. From 1996 onwards they come with a bigger fuel tank and broader seat.

    Info from here.
  5. daewoo

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    Nice work grrr... I had searched the Interwebthingy but hadn't found much...

    I think the obvious thing here is the 1995 onwards thing... That means that all of the XRs for rent are newer than that... I wonder if I can import one as parts from Japan to Aus and fit it all in my 1985 frame... maybe just 'jack up the compliance plate and swap everything around it'...

  6. SilverhawkUSA

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    There is a mountain range/area on the African continent (Algeria?) called the Djebels. I guess that is why on mine there is a mountain as part of the Djebel logo.

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