What is the longest ride you have ridden in LOS in one day

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by jimbobs, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. jimbobs

    jimbobs Ol'Timer

    I have just been on another forum and a guy has quoted he rode 2500klms in just over 12 hours in Thailand on an R1
    i don't want to have a post on bashing him
    I personally don't think it's possible here but it got me interested
    There are some hardcore riders on here who have clocked up the miles ,captain slash,John, Tony etc
    The most I have achieved to date was 686 klms and my ass was sore,it was on my Versys
    it would be interesting to know what klms/ miles you done and on what bike
    There has to be be some tales to tell
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  3. Grubman

    Grubman Ol'Timer

    The most that i have done in one day was Patong Beach to Center of Bangkok, It was mainly highway riding and a bit boring and around 900km, i have also ridden from Chiang Khong to Khon Kaen in one day which was also just over 900km and that ride was via Nan and along the Lao border via Dan Sai, that was a very interesting ride with many very enjoyable roads, I do recall that i was very knackered at the end of the ride.

    All up o have done about 30km in 2 and a half years on 3 different bike throughout Thailand, and want to ride so much more. Can't wait to get back to LOS in the next 2 months time, then 3 month of riding on and off

    As for the guy quoting that he rode 2500km in 12 hours that would be a average speed of about 208km/h, some how i find that very unlikely
  4. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Wonder if that's the same joker who got banned from GT-R for telling porkies and going postal when called out on it? :mrgreen:

    2500 km in 12 hours is obviously a wind up. V=d/t. Simply impossible as it would require an AVERAGE speed of over 200kph for all 12 hours.

    Sure there are a few roads where you can occasionally crack 300kph, but never for any great distance. You burn a lot of fuel at high speed so even on a race track with no stop lights, police checkpoints, u-turning trucks, livestock on the road etc you'd still need to make at least a dozen fuel stops.

    My best time from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is 4 hours, and that was a white knuckle gas'n'go whack on a liter bike, leaving at the crack of dawn to beat the traffic, ignoring most traffic lights and with no police checkpoints. 700km in 4 hours gives an average speed of 175kph. No way in hell I could keep that pace for 12 hours!

    My longest one-day ride in Thailand was a Bangkok-Pitsanulok-Khon Kaen-Bangkok loop that added up to about 1200 km and took a good 12 hours.

    Here in North America we have the Iron Butt Association which is dedicated to safe, long-distance motorcycle endurance riding.

    The toughest IBA ride you can do is 1500 miles (2400km) in 24 hours. Even with our coast to coast interstate highways not many have accomplished this feat. 2500 km in ~12 hours is laughable and obviously a pi$$-take :lol-sign:
  5. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    Now I am lucky enough to live in Chiang Mai, I do not travel so many km as when I was living in Khon Kaen. There is just so much great riding up here, one day loops, two day loops etc. Never felt the need to do the km just for the sake of it, and it seems a great shame to travel through the lovely scenery and to never see more than the braking and turn in points on each corner.
    I remember the first time I did KK to CM. It was in December 2007 and I was riding a VFR800 to visit Yamaha in CM to place an order for a new FJR1300. FJR not yet arrived in Thailand but due early in the New Year. So many KK people warned me about the difficulties of all the mountain ranges one had to cross to reach CM. So I planned a 2 day trip, staying in Pitsanolok over night. Left KK at 6am just getting light, got cold going over Nam Nao, but arrived in Lomsak just before 8am and Pitsanolok by 9.30am. Seen some nice views but missed the dangerous mountains somehow. Would have been silly to spend the night, so pressed on on mainly fast roads to CM. Got to Yamaha, met Khun Tam, ordered the bike, he also rang around and found a buyer for my VFR at a reasonable price, willing to wait for the FJR to arrive. So my first night in CM, less said the better, but a great trip. Next day back to KK, The route about 660km took about 7 hours up and 6 hours back when I knew the roads better, and knew where the fuel stations were, so less worry about running out in places like Nam Nao.
    Since that time, I have done the CM KK trip and back more times than I could count, always the fastest trips when riding alone on bikes like the R1 or the S1000RR, the slowest trips on various 250,s, but even on a 250 I have always found it a pleasant day ride.
    Sorry about the rambling and have not even answered the OP's question. My longest ride was CM to Rayong on the FZ8, about 950km, maybe a bit further than necessary but got lost trying to avoid the toll roads around BKK. Was thinking about a 2 day trip, but good travel conditions and an early start made it a comfortable ride in less than 10 hours. I have found that on a naked bike speeds up to 150 are comfortable and reasonably economical, above that too much wind and too many fuel stops. So I tend to balance the speed with the distance and make it a good day ride ensuring arrival in good time to get a hotel and avoid the possibility of travelling in the dark.
  6. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Longest ride for me was Chiang Mai - Hua Hin in 95 I think it was.
    But the winner for me was always the Snail: Chiang Mai - Singapore in 24 hrs. He did it often, Chiang Mai - Hatyai non stop, then a 4 hr break waiting for the border to open, then Hatyai - Singapore non stop.
  7. jimbobs

    jimbobs Ol'Timer

    Wow he is some Guy I have to stop after 4 hours
    The Snail what a name
  8. Lightemup

    Lightemup Ol'Timer

    Longest ride, I have done in 1 go, Patong Beach - Buriram.

    Left at 1900, arrived next morning at 0700.
    BMW F650 GS
  9. VietHorse

    VietHorse Ol'Timer

    Night time riding? What 's the distance?
  10. Lightemup

    Lightemup Ol'Timer

    Apple Maps says 1170km.
  11. harrythefinn

    harrythefinn Ol'Timer

    Like most people it is how you want to ride not the Kms per day. I have a few bikes, CB750 many years ago Koh Samui to Korat including the ferry, one day. VFR800 Korat Phuket one day, back one day. XL600LM Phnom Phen to Korat 1992 one tank of gas , Banlung to PP one day on the old road, Some people can ride all day and keep their concentration, some can't. Some people have a plank for an **** some need a rest every few hours. At the end of the day , did you enjoy it ? Did you get some satisfaction ? did you have a good time? Each to their own. My belief is that the "average" rider will have a break when he feels he needs it, or the riding mate needs a cigarette, or the riding mate is a camera nut. By yourself it is your own game. What ever your poison, ride it.
  12. ronwebb

    ronwebb Ol'Timer

    Well according to google maps that's 2,500 kms+. No mean feat in my book but twice the time of the fellow who was the inspiration of this thread.
  13. mikehohman

    mikehohman Ol'Timer

    Bangkok - Mae Sot - Umphang - Peung Kleung (Burma Border). Depart 5:00 AM arrive 7:00 PM. 950 km.

    On a KLX250 dual sport... stock seat.
  14. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    ^ Now that's what I call an Iron Butt!! :mrgreen:
  15. jimbobs

    jimbobs Ol'Timer

    The chap has said it has been read wrong
    15 hours 2200 films on an R1
    I still think it's bollocks
    But anyway it's an interesting thread
    When I done 600 and odd klms it took me over 9 hours and I was exhausted
    Some of these Thai roads rattled the back off me
  16. Javawa

    Javawa Guest

    Deleted as Jimbobs replied with more accurate information
  17. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    Have to agree... Could you walk after Mike.. or did it take a few days of massage....
  18. monty1412

    monty1412 Ol'Timer

    My longest Sukhumvit 4 to sukhumvit 31 in peak hour traffic 5555
    Probably have to say Viang Vieng to Bangkok was one of the longest...... did also have a CM-MHS stretch one day where we got caught in rain and arrived after dark.... that was NO fun. Done CM to Hua Him and few times .... BKK to CM in 5 hours a few times again like TonyBKK leave early and hammer it up there..
  19. Moto-Rex

    Moto-Rex Moderator

  20. moose65

    moose65 Active Member

    soi baukhoa in pattaya to ubon ratchatani in about 7 hours.
    @ 700 k's with 900 hundred coffee/fuel stops .
    @ 500 liters of fuel, she is thirsty when you push her, japanese manufactured , grey import, i think she is geared down as not the top end of an aussie version.

    xjr 1300

  21. Greatdane

    Greatdane Active Member

    Chiang Mai to Patong last November, some 1,600 km. On a Honda Click! Took me 26 hours.
  22. Lightemup

    Lightemup Ol'Timer

    That was non stop?
    I rode from Patong to Chaing Mai when I got my second 650 GS and had to stop in Nakon Sawan.
    Only wanted to sleep for a couple of hours, turned out I woke up 12 hours later..
  23. Greatdane

    Greatdane Active Member

    Sort of non stop. I only stopped for gas - many times because of the small tank on the scooter - and then I had to stop for 1-1½ hour just before dawn because the dew got stuck on my glasses so I couldn't see. At the break of dawn, I continued. Tried to sleep at the stop, but couldn't.
  24. Lightemup

    Lightemup Ol'Timer

    That's pretty insane :)
  25. brian_bkk

    brian_bkk Moderator Staff Member

    Have to agree with one or two of the other posters.. Really depends on the road / conditions and ride.

    Chaing Mai to MHS with Rob and raining all afternoon in to the evening and getting in at 8pm with webbed hands and frozen to the bone.
    Think we had 5 straight JD's at Cross Roads to get the body temperature up.

    Longest with a break.. Picked up the Versys in Udon, over the Chiang mai, left the Versys with Nat at Piston Shop and rode the Ninja back to Bangkok.

  26. Greatdane

    Greatdane Active Member

    I wasn't supposed to ride all the way. My plan was to take the train to Bangkok and then the train from Bangkok to Surat Thani. But they hadn't finished the repair of the tracks, so I decided to drive to Bangkok and then take the train from there. The drive was smooth, so as I got closer to Bangkok, I decided to just drive all the way.

    I was a bit tired when I arrived in Patong, and the last couple of hours I certainly did not have an iron butt.

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