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  1. David encouraged me to post this and finally got around to doing it. Hope everyone enjoy.

    Trip Special Report: Bangkok - Sangklaburi

    This one is for all you Bikers out there
    What is the meaning of a Biker?


    Ajarn Dang 54 Suzuki K1 Professor of Physics
    Sukie 38 Triumph Tiger TV show Producer
    Jod 35 Honda X41300 Government Official
    Not 24 Suzuki K5 Graduate Student

    June 12-13 2008

    Bangkok-Kanchanaburi-ThongPhaPhum-Sangklaburi (and back)
    Total Distant: around 800 km

    I ran into Jod 5 days earlier and he asked me if I wanted to join him on a trip to Sangklaburi this coming Thursday. I haven’t done a big trip since back from filming Dreamchaser and jumped at the chance right away. I have been to Sangklaburi twice and the road between Thong Pha Phum and Sangklaburi (HW 323) is one of the most beautiful in Thailand. Although I new it would probably rain like hell I didn’t care, any chance to ride.

    We met at 7/11 in BKK and right away I felt sorry for Ajarn Dang and Not; with there Suzuki Gixxer, it’s going to suck when it start raining hard.

    A few km before entering Kanchanaburi on HW 323 we stopped in Chai’s Coffee Shop close to the Caltex gas station. Chai is also a biker (R1150GS) and had just opened his Coffee shop especially for bikers riding through on their way to Muang Khan. About 7-9 other bikers joined us from Chai’s place to Thong Pha Phum. We took the longer but more scenic way heading toward Erawan waterfall on HW 3199 and then turning left on to HW 3457, which brings us out around Sai Yok waterfall. I haven’t ridden with a bunch of bikers in awhile and it was fun.

    From Thong Pha Phum to Sangklaburi it rained like hell. I was ok on my bike but felt bad for the guys on their sport bikes. The sky cleared up about halfway and we were then able to enjoy the surrounding scenery. We arrived in Sangklaburi around 4:00 pm, founded a place to stay, got something to eat and hang out together all night: me, Jod, Ajarn Dang and Not – which brings me to the point of this story!

    What is the meaning of a BIKER?

    The main reason I wanted to write about this trip was because the 4 people that went were completely different people, all from different background, all doing different things –the one thing that brought us together were our common passion for biking.

    Ajarn Dang – age 54 from Mae Sot - still riding 1000cc sport bike (one crazy dude) Is professor of physics at college and is also head coach of Thailand Physics Olympic team. Have dreadlocks down to his ass and too many earrings to even start counting. Ride a motorcycle to work everyday!
    Sukie – age 38 was in the music industry before, played guitar in a rock band, now doing Dreamchaser TV show
    Jod – age 35 work for a government agency, educated in England and have a one of a kind customize Honda that he loves dearly. I do not come across too many people that rides more than I and Jod is one of them.
    Not – 24 from Chonburi – currently a graduate student studying in Canada. Enjoy skiing during the winter but misses home in Thailand.

    The 4 of us couldn’t had been more different , yet, we had a hell of a time hanging out together.

    A few weeks back I was talking to some Bikers and one ask me if I new and understood the true meaning of a Biker? – In which my reply then was “I don’t care.”

    Harley Davidson – t-shirt & jeans, cruising along, in no rush, just hanging with the guys. With a Harley no need to go fast, just the roar of the engine is enough. Is this the meaning of a biker?
    Japanese sport bike – younger crowd, leather racing suites, some just saved enough money to buy their first Big Bike (CBR400), some enjoy going fast, been on the track/gotten their knee down. It this the meaning of a biker?
    Vespa – not very technical but more about lifestyle. Mostly artist background, forget about knee down, just get me to my destination with my friends. Low speed, not very comfortable – but hey, “I like it.” Is this the meaning of a biker?
    Adventurer – usually Beamers: got all the gadgets – GPS, aluminum cases, Touratech products and special seats - extreme long distant both on and off road, staying in tents. Motorcycle clothing good for all weather condition. Is this the meaning of a biker?

    The above are just a few examples!

    My point is - there is no definite meaning of what a biker is.

    My personal view is as long as:
    1) you know yourself
    2) you know where you stand
    3) you know what you are doing and for what reason
    4) you are happy with it and realize what you get out of it

    Once you know this, you (along with everyone else) would have your own meaning, answer and understanding to what a BIKER is.

    Not everything in this world has to be black or white. Just be happy with what you are doing - right now riding motorcycle makes me happy – so in my humble opinion my definition of a biker is:

    “Someone who riding motorcycle makes them Happy”

    “Live to Ride / Ride to Live”
    (I have no idea who came up with this quote but I like it)

    Best and Ride Safe,

  2. What a nice first post!!

    I did a similar run alone day before yesterday: BKK to Kanchanaburi, then up the road past Erawan to Si Sawat, then on the avalanched and overgrown half-road over the hills and back to BKK via Nakhon Pathom. It is really wonderful up there.

    Let me know if you need more characters for the next adventure....


  3. Thanks for coming up with this question. "What is the meaning of a biker?"
    There are so many ways to address it that I am looking forward to see which perspective different people on this cosmopolitan board choose.
    One of my friend has a short definition that I quite like:
    "A biker is someone who points a place on a map (even if the place is not on the map) and manage to get there on 2 wheels".
    I would add: the 2 wheels should be at least 17 inches to include SuperMoto and exclude scooters. However this is my personal prejudice because I grew up in the 70's when bikers were fighting the "mods" (remember The Who, etc)... And biking is also a way to keep my teenager dreams alive.
  4. Sukie
    Bloody great to have you posting on the GT Rider forum at last.
    And what a wonderful first post to start with. This could get to be a real interesting thread. So come on all you nice GT riders out there - let's have your nice gentlemanly thoughts..

    Now dare I add my preliminary bit..
    Real motorcyclists are genuine sincere guys who appreciate & love life, they don’t care who you are, where you work, or what you do, just so long as you RIDE. And they generally they don't have hang ups, except unless under the influence of a (non motorcycle riding) woman!!
  5. Actually addressing the question this time...

    ...when I was MUCH younger, I was a competitive surfer, and lived the "surfing" lifestyle.

    One day I met a person who asked me: Are you a surfer?

    I pondered a minute, and then replied: I surf.

    In one of those little Zen moments, we both realized that the question as asked and, if answered directly, led to an entire ecology of assumptions and stereotypes. We both liked my answer, and I'd reply, impishly, in the same way to this question...

  6. Personally I agree 100 % with the above statements by Sukie. Especially "just be happy with what you are doing". I ride motorcycles for fun and enjoyment. If something makes me feel that a particular ride, participants, or destination is not going to be fun, I choose to skip it. Sometimes I also prefer doing some things on four wheels. Am I a biker? Not by Davidfl's definition, though I have ridden motorcycles all my life AND I love life.

    Are you my friend and do I not care what you do because you ride a motorcycle? Sorry, an emphatic NO! Most of my friends ride, some don't. They are still my friend. There are some that claim to be "motorcyclists" or "bikers" who I still think are ***holes. It will take more than just a motorcycle to change that.

    I spent many years owning and even living on boats. Then people said I was a "boater". When I did some m/c racing I was a "racer". In my previous job I was a ":wink: ". Well, let's just say I was called many things.

    At this point I have spent some 58 years on this planet and I really don't want my life to be described and summed up with one adjective. I don't need a title pinned on me. I had many of those also and that title never paid one bill.

    So by some definitions I guess I am not a biker. I enjoy biking and have fun so by Sukie's definition that does give me the title of "Biker". I will wear it proudly, but I also still want more. I also won't judge someone by whether or not they are a biker, it takes more. :lol:
  7. Having owned motorcycles in various shapes and sizes since High School I have (like many others on the forum) accumulated 40 years of riding bikes. Despite a long break from riding big bikes, all my life I've always mentally assessed highways from a motorcyclist's perspective. Its an instinctive, inbuilt appreciation of the angles and aspects - a mental lean into every corner.

    Overall, the bikers I know appear to be independent spirits whose motorcycles in many ways reflect elements of their own personalities. Those who ride multiple bikes are harder to figure out - a bit like Jekyll & Hyde! The real bikers I've known are non-comformists who don't need the approbation of others to feel good about themselves and what they do. In fact, they ride because they love to ride.

    Bikers also appear to be immune to rain and cold, mud and dust and have a particularly high pain threshold. Overall, bikers don't scare easily... :shock: They happily brave the elements, the terrain and the traffic without showing any fear at all.

    Bikers are adventurers who like exploring new places and relish unknown highways. They are brave but usually not foolhardy. There are old bikers, and there are bold bikers... But there are not many old, bold bikers!

    To paraphrase the old Harley quote - if you have to ask what constitutes and defines a biker, you probably would not understand the answer. 8)

    However, although it does not answer the original question, I really do like NDSinBKK's surfing example. To me, its as simple and elegant as that - I Bike - quad erat demonstrandum - I am therefore a Biker! Balanced against that, I'm also happy in a 75 Series Land Cruiser on a muddy forest trail...

    However, I am quite different to other bikers in terms of my choice of wheels, clothing, companions, routes, destinations, preferred alcoholic beverages etc. Balanced against that, I have no negative opinion of anyone who makes different choices from any or all of the above options. You cannot define me by any of those personal choices and say I'm more or less of a biker because I make different cosmetic choices to other bikers.

    Perhaps its as simple as this... When bikers go around corners, they lean into them. If you don't lean - you are not a biker!
  8. Great post!

    I agree with almost everything I have read here, I think that the action doesn't necessarily define the person, it's the passion and joy that the action is done with that does.
    From my experience, I would say that the people I know as real "bikers" don't fit some pre-conceived stereotype, but they do what they do with a Joie de Vivre that extends to everything that they do.

    Maybe that is what we are seeing here? A guy (or girl) on a bike is not necessarily a biker, but those who live life fully also tend to ride?

    We all have different riding styles, clothing styles, and lifestyles but we share a passion for something that hopefully symbolizes the passion we have for life.
  9. What's the difference between a biker & a motorcyclist?
    Is there any?
    And what are your thoughts?
  10. Welcome Sukie, good to have you on board but next time you make another DC, can you ask the TV channel to air it a bit earlier in the evening? ;)

    For me, if it's got 2 wheels and an engine and you get off it with a big smile on your face and can respect others with "2 wheels and an engine", whatever the format, then you are a biker, at least in your own heart.


  11. Big grin = Eric why do you PEE on me =
    at least 17 inches to include SuperMoto and exclude scooters.

    No offence taken, truly not. I know that I am not really one of you bikers with my scooter and my sidecar. I dont need to bent much in the bents simply because I go slow hardly ever over 80kmh. I sit straight, my life is straight, most of the time. I never was presumptuous enough to think it would be fun for you bikers to ride along with me.

    I am a loner and I dont mind. No compromising which route ,which accommodation to take. In short = no limits on my personal freedom ! I feel almost like a bird, unrestricted in its movements. I cant stop flying, not dashing like a seagul, more like a butterfly seemingly aimlessly following the winds, the scents.

    Am I a biker having done some 60.000 km in not even 3 years? Only on bikes, I cant drive a car here in Thailand. In a car I would feel like going to the movies , Thailand would remain an illusion, no feel for her. She smells and be it Diesel, never mind she smells , she is real.
    In an air-conditioned car she remains an illusion.

    No I am not a biker only a simple rider on 3 wheels. BUT GOD , DO I FEEL FREE FREE FREE
  12. Pico... I was waiting for your post, knowing that no offense would be taken!
    Look: 1 scooter + 3 wheels = you are a living challenge to any definition attempt... And according to the interesting posts above that 's part of a biker: free mindset, independent lifestyle, no hang up.
    That's said I am embarrassed with my prejudice against scooters and tried to cure it by exposing it publicly on the board.

    Looking forward to meet you sometimes, somewhere to have a good laugh at your 3 wheels 8) Cheers.

    I am eager to read posts on that one. Not being a native English speaker I don't dare addressing it.
  13. Pico, you have a 2 wheeled scooter that pulls a third wheel, you travel the same roads as us (more than many of us, myself included) and are just as passionate about it when the journey ends and the chat starts - if you're not a biker, then I'm not either ;)

    BTW, I'm not keen on the term "biker" either as it conjures up negative images from the 60's and 70's. Fair play to those who appreciate that style but I am happier being known as a bike enthusiast or just a bike rider.


  14. There's a lovely quote on the"Jesters" website:

    I prayed to God for a motorcycle, then I realised God does'nt work like that....................So I stole a motorcycle and prayed for forgiveness."

    I agree with PICO-PICO. The feeling of freedom. Just throw your leg over that steed and go.

    IMHO you can not get that exiliration and freedom from driving in a car.

    The other great thing for me is the way bikers/motorcyclists acknowledge each other on the road and stop areas. Cameraderie/brotherhood call it what you will.
    You do not see car drivers engaging each other like that.
  15. Sometimes you can define something by finding out what it is NOT...
    A person who owns one or more motorcycles and rides it only short distances on a weekend is NOT a biker. A person who talks a lot about motorcycles in coffee shops is NOT a biker. That would mean that a person who does more riding and less talking IS a biker.

    Question: What was the next big invention after the invention of the wheel?
  16. The Ducati Monster?
  17. Not sure if i can add much here as most has been said.

    As someone said "biker" has negative drug dealing, mid-life crisis, wallet on a chain types. Also bear in mind that mountain bicycle riders also refer to themselves as bikers. So it probably doesn't matter. Stick and stones etc...

    Don't care was name you use Biker or Motorcyclist but I think what we all agree on is the ones we like and identify with are the ones who return a wave when passing. Ones who don't .......
  18. As much has been said already and it appears that folks riding motorbikes don't like labels, may I suggest another way to answer the question.

    What is the impact of biking on us? In other words how biking does format our personality?
    For example I would answer:
    1) Lifestyle
    Makes me privilege minimalism. The bike allowing a (very) limited amount of luggage one learns to live with less and notices that it can be even better. Then applying it to all aspects of life.
    2) Physically
    -it helps to maintain abdominal and back muscles.
    -it develops peripheral vision. Can't see what happening behind me yet but riding in Bkk everyday I am working on it.
  19. Eric,

    Don't forget the psychological, spiritual aspect.

    Motorcycle riding is a recognized therapy for depression because while one is riding a motorcycle one cannot really think about anything else. So over time all one’s problems fade away as one rides. 8)

    I’m not sure about the lifestyle thing. That’s starts to sound like the guys who don’t wave and we know who they are. :wink: Cap't Slash accepted.

    And no I'm not intetionally bashing guys who ride a certain make of motorcycle but out of the non-wavers they are in the majority.
  20. Hi Mike,

    Sure I have forgotten many aspects and I am curious to see what people on this board come up with.
    Fully agree with you about the psychological/spiritual one. For me too biking works like a meditation method. 100% concentration required and others issues get wiped out for a while allowing a fresh look later.
    Minimalism doesn't include no waiving as conviviality is essential to social life.
  21. Eric,

    Regarding minimalism. Have you met a Thai women yet who understands? :lol:
  22. Just my 2 cents..............
    Have you ever seen a motorbike parked outside a phyciatrist office???
  23. Hey Bush pilot - that looks like the first REAL landing on the moon!
    Rustic Charme, you're not far off. The next big invention after the wheel was the second wheel!
    And I have no idea how that sticker got on my tank...
  24. [/img]/Users/admin/Desktop/Pic for Mui/Loei/A French Garden:Chateau between Chiang Khan & Sri Chiangmai.jpg

    <img src=""/Users/admin/Desktop/Pic" for Mui/Loei/At Dan Sai Phi Ta Khon Festival.jpg

    " alt="" />/Users/admin/Desktop/Pic for Mui/Loei/Sukie & Richi Bikes.jpg

    Glad everyone enjoyed the post. Just to answer some questions:

    NDSinBKK - we ride all the time, give us your email address and we'll let you know when we do a trip next

    Happy Feet - no biggie wiht the Guitart Thing

    Pikey - We were on Itv before and it got closed down by the Government. All the producers scrambled for airtime on remaining 4 Chs. i was surprised CH3 offered us a time slot although a bit late - CH3 is one of the highest rated Ch in thailand. My hope is they will be happy with the show and offer us a better time slot next season. One of our ideas is to go all the way to Russia next season and would need better time slot in order to finance the trip


    Just return from Loei where I ran into David and Richi & his family - all from Chiang Mai - pics are posted above

    DREACMCHASER LIVE 2008 - Bikers and Rockers Save the World

    will organize charity concert/event on August 2nd at BITEC Bangna in BKK. Expecting about 500 bikes and 4000 concert goers. Hope all can come.

  25. Im a total idiot regarding these things but can someone tell me how to post pics on this forum.


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