What medicine or remedy do you use for dehli belly ??

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  1. We have all had it at times.. not pleasant and over the years I've learned that the first feeling of that uncomfortable feeling in stomach and bowels should be immediately greeted with an armoured phalanx of medicine.
    I've used Norfloxacin allot which does work well however following recent trip to China I came down with something a bit more stubborn and only high doses of Tetracycline seemed to be it nemesis.
    Not a big fan of chemical corks so to speak as they seem to only treat the symptoms and not kill the bugs. Of course high does of tetracycline mean you are likely to have a very red sunburned face after a ride however thats acceptable.

    Just interested in what you are packing in your kit when you go away to guard/ treat intestinal upsets .

    I read somewhere that some Amazonian or remote tribe would insert freshly peeled taro root in their nether regions as a remedy however perhaps that one is not for me.
  2. I've never had anything serious enough (bleeding, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance etc) to need them, but every time I went in for travel vaccinations they would script me for Ciprofloxacin and Azithromycin. I have had a few cases of bad belly, but was always able to flush the bugs out with ample volumes of club/soda water and eating several of those probiotic cups of yogurt a day. The beneficial bacteria in the yogurt tend to compete with the baddies for sustenance and after sending enough reinforcements down the gullet, the bad guys lose. But if after a few days, it's no better, then you have to call in the big guns (pills).
  3. Disento!

    God's gift to motorcyclists for "upset tummies."

    Brilliant stuff. I've had guys spewing at both ends & after taking this stuff they were fit enough to ride in 20 minutes.


    Going for a long remote ride, then don't leave home without it!
    Otherwise generally available at most pharmacies.
  4. Brake034,
    Thanks for the Disento review, but "what medicine or remedy do you use for dehli belly ??"
  5. +1!

    Disento is da bomb! It's sorted me out on several occasions and I know many who swear by it.

    Have never suffered any bad side effects and don't know of anyone who has.

    Of course if quality medical care is available it should be consulted. But if you're in a remote area with no access to medical care I'd recommend Disento without reservation.

  6. Sounds like it is the kit although for limited doses only.. combination of drugs hits wide spectrum of possible nasties and of course if symptoms continue then visit to the doctor mandatory. Thanks all. Dave is Disento available at most drug stores ??
  7. I am surprised nobody has mentioned medical grade charcoal. I find about 80% of the time the Charcoal will clear things right up if it is taken early enough. It is very benign so no fear in taking it even if you suspect bad food or feel a little bit off. The other 20% of the time I just try to let nature take its course, your body is purging for a reason. If I absolutely have no other choice I will take an (or rather 2) Imodium but it has some pretty serious side effects yet never fails to do the trick.
  8. Had this discussion with David a few months back. I usually use Norfloxacin (Noroxin)
    This is sold under many different brand names and costs around 60 baht.

    It is an antibiotic and when taken needs to be used up as per the instructions.

    While I don't really like to take these.. when in the middle of Laos and you need to ride or you get really sick..
    This does the job. rather than being in bed or stomach cramps and worse! usually begin to feel better in hours.

    Asked the chemist near work what is the difference between this and disento.. He said disento is milder.

    Now I carry both.. Disento to start with and Norfloxacin if it doesn't get better..
    Only when in the middle of no where and no docs around.

  9. Agreed. If you are leaking from both ends out in the bush, ya gotta use what works quickly to get yourself in a better way. But any med w/ antibiotics has side effects, most of which is they kill everything (good and bad) which can lead to chronic issues. Which is why I always start with the natural soda water / yogurt approach. It has always worked within 24-36 hours. But really only practical if in or close to town and you have a room with the porcelain throne nearby. Purge you will but that is the idea.

  10. What is an dehli belly?

    There should be made a difference in diarrhoea and infection. Two different things that should be taken care of different.

    Diarrhoea is mostly the reaction of an food-poisening. And the poisoning has to go out ASAP. So using medicine to stop everything going out is a bad idea the first 24hrs. If you need to travel and you can not stop it then use medicine to stop it. But do not use it longer as 2 or 3 days. Keeping all the poisoning inside is dangerous.

    If the diarrhoea persists after 2 or 3 days and/or you have high fever, then there is probably also an infection and you will need anti-bitotic. As mentioned earlier there are some good reasons to be careful with the usages of antibiotic, it are not candies!

    With diarrhoea you will loose a lot of water and minirals so drink-drink-drink .... water (not Beer Lao) and use ORS.

    Personally I would drink Coke that is a bit dead (not too much bubbles) and not too cold, and use a kind of loperamide. Eating banana will also help.

    Chang Noi
  11. Its been very informative ive been bad for over a week now, Mexico seems to make me ill alot more than Thailand.

    I am going to try a few of these remedies as i have been on imodium now for about 10 days , i feel alot worse of a night , been going to work tho.

    Trip to the doctors if none of these remedies help, Thanks Guys.

    On a brighter note i go home on the 24th and i pick up my KLX 250, not all bad.

    Ride safe people
  12. Bugger mate - 10 days!!!! The Imodium website site indicates that if the diarrhea lasts for more then 2 days you should stop taking Imodium and consult a doctor.
  13. Wow 10 days on Imodium.. You need a stool sample taken and checked out by the doc.
    Sounds like you have something a bit more the Mex Tex belly..

    Imodium is really a last choice for me as it keeps the poison in and 10 days is long.

    Hope you feel better soon..


    One thing that always cracked me up when I lived in Singapore and may be the packaging has changed..
    But on the Imodium packet it stated " Imodium, allowing you to go throughout your day with confidence " AKA " With out shitting yourself "
  14. +1 charcoal, really cheap at Boots chemists.
  15. Ha ha Harry theres no Boots in Mexico

    But i am pleased to say i had a mighty solid shite today,,,,,sorry if it went off topic,,,,,,
  16. Next time you have a half-raw / half-burned hamburger at a barbeque munch some of the charcoal, too!

    I've used Norfloxacin, took only one or two tablets, things improved. Didn't know it was an antibiotic.

    Edit: I've read up on that stuff and will stay away from it in the future! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chibroxin
  17. Tried the link and was told to sign up - here's a link to the same site that worked on my PC: http://www.mims.com/Thailand/drug/info/Disento/

    Disento is also an antibiotic (neomycin). I thought you had to take antibiotics for at least three days or so, take all of the tablets even though the symptoms are gone, and stay away from alcohol. I'm surprised that a pack with 4 pills can be an antibiotic, the instructions: "take 1-2 tablets every 4-5 hours" sound like taking paracetamol...
  18. Yes, Disento contains Neomycin sulfate, along with a bunch of other drugs that will work wonders on an upset digestive system-
  19. Yes, it obviously does. I mentioned it because brian_bkk wrote that Norfloxacin is an antibiotic and it wasn't clear that Disento also is an antibiotic.

    About going to the doctor: often it takes hours sitting in an office somewhere which doesn't seem very sanitary and the doctor prescribes you the same medication as above but for ten times the price!
  20. Hours sitting in an office? In Thailand? Unsanitary?! That's never been my experience with medical care in Thailand...

    But back to the topic at hand, while there are always dangers and risks when self-medicating, if you're in the bush without access to medical care, carry some Disento, it can often sort you out if there's no doctor handy.
  21. Hi,

    They are both antibiotics. The pharmacist told me Disento was a milder drug..

    When ever I have taken Norflox.. They give around 6 or so tabs and say to finish the lot.

    I only do this when in the middle of no where and it usually will happen in Laos. As cleanliness is not the best in most kitchens plus lack of constant power and overloaded fridges.
    Know my body well enough to know what is bacterial etc.. may sound disgusting.. but the smell usually gives it away.
    At least that is for me.

  22. I have been sick many times, and always take Disento. In fact I do not travel without it. If things look a bit more serious,
    I will take 2 tablets of 500 milligram ciprofloxicin as a sort of nuclear blast to kill the bacteria. I have been told by doctors
    to avoid Imodium, as it is doing exactly what you do not want, plugging you up. So unless you have an important job interview or have no toilet access, do not take it.
    In Cambodia two years ago I had a hamburger at night at a good restaurant. Four hours later deathly sick. By early morning, I did not think I was going to make it. Was alone of course..... :-( It was a form of botulism which attacks the brain causing extreme dizziness , so for two days I could not walk,
    only crawl to the toilet......... After that , I vowed to myself I would NEVER eat a piece of beef in Cambodia.....
  23. Charcoal tabs and whatever antibiotics I can get my hands on!
  24. good tip with the disento, will keep that in mind; there have certainly been occasions where I needed it.

    What a friend of mine did is have a shot of medicinal whiskey every evening. Straight, no ice. Worked for them, they didnt get sick the whole trip. So if you eat something that looks a bit dodgy or was dodgy in hindsight, or feel a bit queasy, hard liquor is a good preventative measure. Also tastes good and most enjoy the side effects ;)

    It doesnt help when you're sick already of course. Then its time for the charcoal and antibiotics.

    Probiotics help with the side effects of anti-biotics. Eating the good bugs, basically.
  25. I understand Marcel's concern with Disento that it might be using a sledgehammer to drive home a nail... It shouldn't be the go to for mild stomach upsets...

    I wouldn't use immodium other than for a mild stomach upset, when I needed to travel, and where I knew that evening I could spend the night on the throne and purge any evils... it is counter-productive to actually curing the problem...

    Rhodie put me onto Disento when I'd had a constant upset stomach for days - to the point of passing blood - and absolutely could not miss the next couple of nights of heavy drinking and partying in Bangkok... worked a treat...


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