Where can I get "Special Zone" permit?

Discussion in 'Laos - General Discussion Forum' started by Larry Baraniuk, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. I was told that I have to go to Vientiane to get a permit to enter the Special Zone.
    Any one know if there is a permit office in Vang Vieng ,or the address of the permit office in Vientiane.
    This is the 4th time into the special zone for me and it's the first time that I've been asked for a permit.
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  3. DavidFL

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    Where & who asked you for a permit?
    I thought you were almost there, trouble free last time?

    Keep The Power On
  4. scot harper

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    Larry, the games up,they think your a spook from yester year,or your a rep for McDonalds, scopeing out for a site in Laos, either way your in there cross hairs, not shure thats good.
    Keep us all informed, I'm all ears to your posts, keep look'n for men in black,dark glasses,bad fitt'n trench coats, all called chuck[8D]Regards Scott....I think I see somethig[?]
  5. Craypot

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    the special zone is gone, so whatever permit you're after is gone too. I would go with you to the LS but ive got stiches in both arms so can't rde this month. nor can i type. in lao if you ask for permission you will get all sorts of reasons why you cant do something. if you just do it..... talk you way around the problems when they occur.

    Get [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

  6. It was time for some desperate measures.
    My obsticle was a guard post located 11 km's from the route 13 junction in Tha Heua.
    This is the beginning of the "Special Zone".
    I was turned around the day before (on April 3rd) by a police officer. He didn't speak english at all .
    I really didn't know how to deal with it, so I headed back to Vang Vieng.On my way back I kept an eye out for the Green Discovery rafting tour truck that I knew might be heading up to the Nam Ngum rapids about this time of the day.
    After being up and down this road a half a dozen times I've gotten to know the place and it's going ons.
    Sure enough, about 5 km's down the road I saw the rafting truck and I recognized the driver.
    I turned around and caught up with him to ask him why I got turned around and why he is allowed in.
    He told me that they(Green Discovery Rafting Tours) have to get a permit from the government office in Vientiene.
    After going back to town (Vang Vieng) and asking around town and asking on the GT-Rider message board,Idecided to make the best of the day by riding west out of town and into the mountains.Trail bike riding around the Vang Vieng area is a real treat in itself.So far I've explored 3 different roads that head into the mountains and the great thing about the use of a trail bike is that you don't have to pay for bridge tolls ,just ford the river.
    After my bike ride I went back to see if there were any replies on the GT Rider message board and sure enough there were.
    I'd really like to thank you guys for the fast response and the added info, in fact ,this message board has been allot of help for me.Thanks Again!
    So on April 4th,I decided to use some desperate measures.First, I went to a bike rental shop and rented a yellow YINCINY motorcycle helmet with a foggy face shield and I brought my wind breaker.This was my new disquise.
    About 1km before the check stop I put on my windbreaker and put down my face shield and headed for the Special zone.
    I had plans of tailgating behind a bus to get through but I got tired of waitng for it, It was still being winched up a river bank just down the road a ways.
    I decided to go for it. What I did when I got to the guard post was to stay on the very right hand side of the road (the guard hut was on the left hand side of the road).As I rode by the gate I saw him waving at me but I just waved back and took off .
    From then on I was in desparado mode, constantly wondering if they would catch up to me or if somebody up ahead would stop me.
    Fortunately, I made it to my destination.
    Sometimes,just getting there, is 90 percent of the fun!
    Cheers From Larry!
  7. motorheinz

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    In january they stop me. My girlfriend drives in front and didnt stop. So I try to talk with the 2 guys but it´s help. I started my Honda after 15 minutes and thats all.

  8. motorheinz

    motorheinz Active Member

    Its only to make some money. They told me easy to go with a permit but you have to book a rafting tour by Green Discovery Rafting Tours. So I found another way to go.


    In the spezial zone.



    Not pay up in the jail.

  9. I really think that the police at the guard post have a thing for anybody riding a 250 Baja.
    I noticed that you were riding the Honda Bajas also.
    I wasn't stopped at the specialized zone when I was riding the 250 Honda XR or when I was driving through with the jeep that I rented.
    The 2 headlights on the Baja make it easy to recognize from a long distance.
    I know the idea sounds a little far fetched but I thought I'd throw it against the wall anyways.

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