Where to buy a Garmin Montana 600 Motorcycle kit?

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  1. In Thailand!
    Yes, I know they are here more expensive.
  2. Quite a few places, but as you noted, you'll pay more here than if you buy it back home...

    Garmin Montana 600 starting from 16,799 Baht:


    Other places to check:

    GPS Society: http://www.gpssociety.com/EN/Pages/default.aspx

    ESRI (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. :: Sathorn Nakorn Tower, 100/38-39, 22nd Floor, North Sathon Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
    Customer Service: 0-2266-9948, Fax: 0-2266-9944 , E-mail: [email protected]


    Happy Trails!

    Tony :happy1:
  3. Thanks Tony, it seems that Garmin Thailand is not selling the Montana and so all the official shops do also not sell the Montana.
    And the shops that do sell the Montana do not sell the motorcycle kit.

    And actually the price is not that much cheaper in Europe, combined with the fact that if I buy one from Europe (or USA) I still also have to buy a map of Thailand (well there are also free maps).

    I do have a cheap Garmin Nuvi but the USB connection really sucks with vibration (switch on/off).
  4. Well, it seems the shop in the first link can sell you the GPS, and probably they can source for you the powered AMPS cradle and RAM Mount parts to attach to motorcycle, but if not you could order those parts from GPS City in the US:

    [h=1]Garmin Montana 650 Motorcycle Street Mapping Bundle[/h][h=5]http://www.gpscity.com/garmin-montana-650-motorcycle-street-mapping-bundle.html[/h]
    ^ This is for the Montana 650 that I bought recently. Pretty cool GPS, though to be honest, I'm still learning how to use it and it's probably more advanced than I really need :mrgreen:

    ps. Open Source Maps (OSM) are often just as accurate and detailed, if not more so, than the commercial paid maps. :happy2:
  5. I'd recommend buying the powered Garmin AMPS cradle for your GPS, but there is also a sturdy RAM Mount cradle available:


    Just be aware that if you use this cradle your GPS will be on battery power. One good thing about the Montana is that it can run on regular AA batteries. :thumbup:
  6. i bought a 650t through johnny appleseed gps ,they have a website and mail order service, in Brisbane Australia , i also purchased a powered cradle and matching "RAM" mounts .
    excellent bit of kit, i got the OEM wiring kit, wired it in to an active circuit on the bike , so it works when the power is on only.
    the S.E. ASIA map works fairly well but there after market maps available , the cradle has a small rubber grommet that covers the contacts when the gps unit is not fitted so wet weather will not bother it.
    i rode 3200 km's over last xmas from ubon the chaing mai, chiang rai, poo chi far and back as well as ridden to Bangkok and never had a drama with it, the option of the aa batteries is great as i put interesting places in the waypoints and then i can always find my way back either in a cab or on foot.

    i originally had a frame with my screen however it was replaced, the whole unit, under warranty by the aussie seller , through the mail from thailand.

    hope this helps.

  7. You really can't go wrong with GPSCity- they know their stuff and you'll get a full factory warranty. You might want to call them and see if you can get a small discount if they remove the US map from the package as I imagine you really don't need it.

    You will get dinged hard on import duty and vat. If I were you I'd try and find a friend who is coming from the US to carry it over for you :happy1:
  8. Yes I will try to find someone from USA or Europe (the latter I can at least maybe sometime use the European maps) that might come to Thailand soon. In the meanwhile I installed the iPhone on the bike and Google maps is working great (now also has better caching). And if it kills the iPhone mai pen rai, its is on his last legs anyway.

    P.s. Are there different models of the 600? Because I see some photos at internet-shops where I do not see the contact-points at the device.
  9. ^ Yes, honestly, for riding on the road a smartphone with Google Maps or Apple Maps is all I've ever needed. I used to use the Motion-X GPS app on my iphone and found that it did pretty much everything that a "real" GPS can do. There is a free trial version for you to try: http://gps.motionx.com/iphone/overview/

    On my Android phone I've been using a free app called OSMAnd that allows GPS navigation using free OSM maps. Very cool app! http://osmand.net/

    I'm not sure about the Montana 600, but the Montana 650 comes in two versions, one with a camera and one without. Pretty sure there is only one version of the Montana 600...

  10. Can't say enough good things about GPS City where I bought mine make sure you extend the warranty for 75 dollars for additional two years.

    Unfortunately you will get hit by customs as they only ship via FedEx and the like so make sure you have a complete order with Amps mount and ram mounting stuff, although you can get almost all ram mounts in Los but not the amps rugged mount .

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  11. The Garmin Montana 650 is the best GPS so far. I have used it for 10k km so far, on battery only. To lazy to install the wired holder, yet.

    Running on battery the screen will light up when you approach a WP. Really cool.
    Great for recording and using tracks.
    Easy to make your own OSM maps and upload to the device.
    Install multiple maps and select the one you will use. Too easy to loose all the small micro SD cards on the go. Very quick to work with Basecamp, uploading/downloading is a breeze.

    Camera is OK. I use a piece of tape to cover/protect the lens, so the lens is clen when I need the camera.

    The only con so far is the storing of tracks. I have set it up to archive once a day, and sometimes it does. Sometimes it will split the tracks up. Very poor documentation in this area.
  12. I have mine set to auto archive and that works fine, ok you have a bit of cleaning up to do when you hook it up Basecamp joining up tracks etc but it's pretty easy to do. Tracks sometimes split when you power off the unit mid ride, thats one of the reasons i hard wired a Amp's rugged mount to my bikes, takes about 10 minutes to wire one up Oddvar. Get one.

  13. How did you wire it up to your CRF? Did you wire it directly to the battery? I'm useless at anything electrical so have been trying unsuccessfully to find a diagram or video for correct wiring.

    Is it just a matter of wrapping the red and black wires to the corresponding terminals on the battery and taping up the other unused wires?
  14. *Shudder*
    Have to check what voltage the unit runs on,if it's 12 volts it should be ok but make sure there is an inline fuse in your circuit.
    Pretty sure there should be a transformer to power the unit though.

    Might have to bring some of my electricians tools with me in a couple of weeks
    .....mmm...free beer.....
  15. Exactly, clueless! :confused:

    I don't want to touch it without some good advice. Others have done it on this bike so I just need to be pointed in the right direction.

    Arriving back to BKK on the 23rd and overnighting to Nongkhai on the 25th for a Laos trip. Think I'll play it safe and run off the battery for that one...

    Would appreciate the help if you're in town, beers on me of course. In fact it would be great to have a Garmin Users evening for the clueless like me who could do with as much help as possible of how to use the device! :clap:

    Any takers?
  16. More used to playing with 66,000 volts,but 12 volt systems leave me clueless sometimes too!!

    Just ordered a Garmin Zumo 390,should be here before I leave for Thailand on the 29th.....a Garmin Users evening sounds a great idea......I'll put a litre of Bundy Rum on the table.......
  17. Tough crowd.......
  18. Maybe everyone's an expert already! Few people (myself included) away at the moment. Hopefully something will be organised soon once people are about again :mrgreen:
  19. Hoping to have my new GPS in my hands tomorrow,will "have a fiddle" and see if I can nut it out.

    Funny story,a few years ago a bloke on another Thai website seemed quite knowledgable about cameras,and he offered to spend the day with me shooting photos together,with him offerring me advice throughout the day.

    Then he told me I owed him 10,000 baht for the photography lesson! Bl_dy farangs......
  20. I've picked up a Gopro camera as well as a Montana on this trip home. Have some learning to do with both. Best way to learn I find is by doing. My 9 day Laos trip later this month will be a good opportunity. I have a Laos GPS map to use with the Montana. Will be interesting whatever happens!
  21. Craig you've definitely bought the right gps unit, the Montana is great, although as you say there's a bit of a learning curve. The main thing is to set up your own profiles with different avoidances and then down the track learn how to creat tracks in Basecamp then transfered to your unit. Have a great trip!

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