where to buy Versys rear huggers

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  1. Anyone seen a locally made decent one for sale that you would be proud to fit to your own bike.
    The ones I have seen are a POS
  2. They are generally readily available from Kawasaki dealerships. I bought my bike with one fitted. It was rubbish. It had been fitted by Chiang mai Kwakka, and was made of fibreglass. It fitted poorly and cracked before the first proper service. I complained and it was replaced (at my cost) by one made from polycarbonate. Fits and looks good and 20,000 klm later it still looks good...despite Kwakka service people scratching it when I had them replace sprockets and chain at the last service.
  3. Yeah, most of the locally made ones are fiberglass and do not hold up.

    I tested this one from Kittisak Racing and it fell apart the first time I went off-road with it...

    I reckon it might be ok if you only ride on pavement. But once you get into dirt the fiberglass just isn't strong enough...
    ^ When I got home from this little romp in the mud the hugger was busted to hell... :/
  4. Hi There

    I got a hugger from Kawasaki in chiang mai, it was a ermax brand and was colour coded to the bike and have done more that 3000km since having it fitted and have not had any problems so fingers crossed once I get back to Thailand I have no problem with it when I am out riding

    I think the price was about 5000 or 6000 thb but not 100% sure but just check with them on the price

    Happy Riding

  5. here's a picture of the hugger that I have fitted


  6. plastic or fiberglass
  7. Hoghead

    The ermax hugger are made from abs plastic

  8. thanks
    Is it long enough to act as a fender and prevent crap from flying up at the rear so that the entire license plate appendage can be removed
  9. Hi Hoghead

    I have ridden in the rain with the hugger and I would say that it is not quite long enough to remove the original mud guard, but saying that it does help a little

    Cheers Grubman

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