Where to find parts for 2011 Versys 650

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by vondetten, Feb 10, 2014.

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    Hey guys I live in Bangkok and for the first time ever Google is letting me down lol
    I'm trying to find a decent shop where I can find after market parts for my versys 650 (2011) just bought it second hand :smile1:

    I'm looking for fog lights (decent LED ones), air horns (though I'm sure those are easy to find) and a few other bits like radiator and header guards and maybe even some bags to attach to the sides but the kind that's basically hard material and doesn't need a rack. A shop that has all these and more would be great but one that does and takes an arm and a leg wouldn't be very good (Touratech Thailand will take your soul and then some..EXPENSIVE)

    But what I really need to find right now is a decent paint shop to change the colour. And if its possible to find someone who can fabricate a new tank out of aluminium for me to save some weight as I'm sure the original is steal and weighs a s***t load; and I'm fond of the shiny bare aluminium look and might work with the versys (maybe) ;)

    Any thoughts or ideas on websites and locations here in Bangkok would be really appreciated. I've looked on Google and well all I've been getting are for sale ads so its getting annoying lol.

    Let me know

    Cheers :smile1:
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    First place to look are the classified and DIY sections of http://clubversysthailand.com/

    if you can't find what you're looking for there, chances are it doesn't exist! :mrgreen:

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