Why are Thais removing the mirrors from scooters and Waves?

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  1. Got a messed up old Honda Click from a Thai SIL. Bad brakes, noisy wheel bearings, no mirrors. Saw some newish bikes with the mirrors removed - what's up with that?!?

    Moreover, I saw a few horribly "modded" bikes. Small rims, chassis and other parts chopped off, engine "tuned" to be noisy with a loss of power of at least 50%.
    Dayglo paint job.

  2. Once they get past the teenage Acne stage and have no Zits to squeeze then I guess they have no more need for Mirrors :-?
  3. I once asked a kid why he removed his mirrors- he said it made the bike 'faster' (less wind resistance, I suppose)- just another reason why they get scrapped up so regularly- it's not dangerous enough here and you've gotta dump your ability to see behind you...?:?
  4. Think Lakota has called it right! Sad though - no help at all in making things any safer.
  5. I had my scooter parked at the airport for a long time, making them think it was abandoned even though it is rather new, so they moved it over to some very old bikes to be scrapped. Funny thing is, they had removed the mirrors on all the bikes, mine included. I had to buy new ones which set me back 120 baht. I still cannot understand how that price is possible (even if they get them cheap from the "past the teenage Acne stage" guys). The price even included help to start the scooter and greasing various parts.
  6. Thais remove mirrors because they NEVER use it... also if by law are required (this is the reason why someone just fold them together in front of the cockpit).

    The main problem is that also without mirrors they never turn the head to see if someone is coming before changing lane, turning etc...

  7. down in Msia...Almost all the Waves, Kips, LCs, all cubs <150cc ridden by those under 25yr, think it is cool NOT to have
    - side mirrors
    - no rear light (bulb intentionally taken out)
    - noisy exhaust...

    I think it is an underdeveloped sense of 'macho-ness'.
  8. In Indonesia no self respecting, Garam smoking male would be seen dead on a bike with mirrors. "they are only for women" or so I was told.
  9. No mirrors is easier when racing through traffic. Nothing to knock of.
  10. True dat! :happy5:
  11. I haven't been to Cambodia for awhile but I remember hardly any bikes had mirrors. Moot point because they wouldn't used them if they were installed.

    "Real men don't look back..."

    I'm surprised that there are not more accidents and fatalities... But seen from the Buddhist perspective, its like, hey probably next life I will be a rich movie star, so why think too much :)
  12. No mirrors is a fail on the annual inspection for Government insurance and road tax ....TIT

    yesterday 2 young GIKs were killed on sukumvit road pattaya racing against the traffic flow , apparently its the latest Fashion trend amoung young Thai bike gangs run the wrong way down a highway during peak traffic hit the U turn and repeat going the other way ... darwin handed out awards postumously
  13. You do know that those "inspections" only kick in after a vehicle is 5 years old and they are a joke anyway, right? You pays your money you gets your piece of paper. TiT, gotta love it, eh? chitown.gif
  14. My first bike I got in China. Although I did not remove the mirrors, and eventually used them. The reason might be, that you're busy enough with what happens in front of you......:crazy:
  15. I don't use mirrors in BKK traffic. Have them removed on one bike, and stowable on the other.

    Had too many close calls with things escaping my FOV. I will put my trust in looking back if I need to.

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