XR 250 (no papers) for sale

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  1. Honda XR 250 customized for enduro and off-road racing. Hardly used on the road. I lost the papers. The bike is a 1996 model in brilliant condition. Halogene head lights, k&n air filter etc.

    38,000.--THB negotiable

    contact: [email [email protected]]funk[email protected][/email]
  2. Why don't you get replacement papers?
  3. Stupid question probably but has it got a plate ?
  4. Sorry, no it doesn't have a plate and no book.
  5. You "lost" the papers or it never had papers? if lost why not just replace them?
  6. All the papers I ever had, were invoice papers and they're lost. If you know a way to replace them - let me know.
  7. Most folks idea of vehicular "papers" are registration/ownership, insurance papers ; if you lost your invoice or sales receipt, I'm assuming, go back to the seller and ask for another.
  8. You must be living in Canada, rigth? I live in Thailand, since 18 years, maybe you can help me understand those people here with a Canandian Approach. (Just joking)
    Thanx Rudi
  9. I'm living in Taiwan ; perhaps you should have posted that you never had papers.
  10. Hello, hello is anybody home?? If you read his thread title and post it states no papers[B)]. Jeez.

    Formerly known as the twat racer55
  11. Well Twat. You actually stated " I lost the papers". My simple question was if you "lost" the papers why not just replace them and perhaps sell the bike for a higher price. Sorry to confuse you.
  12. Boy, I thought my eyes were in poor shape. Fiddy I pointed out to you the seller of the bike (saxonator) stated in his first post that the bike had no papers, which for some reason you did not comprehend. I just made it clear for you :)

    Then in your post to me your comment that I stated "I lost the papers" is doltish since it's not even my bike. D'uh. Yes Fiddy you do confuse me, however asinine questions have that effect on me. Sorry.

    Now back to our regular scheduled programming.

    Cheers all.
    "Formerly known as the twat, racer55"
  13. Go get 'em "Big and Tall"!


    If you read the multitude of posts concerning buying and selling bigger bikes in Thaialand you will know that the majority come in without "papers". Their may be an invoice showing the parts were brought in, imported, and assembled. Seldom is the entire bike shown as imported as such.

    Registrations and titles as you refer to them in Canada are here refered to as the "Book" and number plate which stays with the bike. Few larger bikes, especially those in the rental fleet, have them. Motorcycles that do are sold at premium prices. It may not be totally by the book but this is Northern Thailand and is the common practice.

    In this case Saxonator lost his original invoice, simple really. Going back and getting a replacement is not like walking into a dealership in N. America, or I assume Taiwan, and getting a replacement.

    If you are interested in the bike that is simply the way it is here. If you are not interested in purchasing the bike, what do you care?

    For anyone else interested, I am familiar with the "Saxonators" bikes and this one runs well and has been properly maintained.

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  14. Twat, my eyes are fine, perhaps you should reread where he doesn't state the bike has "no papers" as you put it.
  15. Thanks Silver, yes I was/am interested in the bike but was a bit confused with the "i lost the papers" thinking maybe they could be replaced. How asinine of me ; i've jus gotten a hole heap'o' BOOK learnin

    jethro B.
  16. Dear all,
    thanks for you active participation about my bike. It's interesting how things can escalate. I've enjoyed reading all your replies. Lucky, as I am, I found a way to get the invoice papers for this bike. I haven't got them yet, but I'm quiet confident I will get them. Anyway due to this
    new perspective I don't want to sell the bike anymore - at least right now. Thanks everybody and sorry for the inconvenieces I cause or might be causing.
    Have a nice day.
  17. Hey Rudi, make more C.d's love the down load, bikes can be a pain, so can buyers....Scott
  18. Best of luck with your invoice papers, sorry to be part of the escalation process and sorry some posters felt the need to be rude. Fact is that many people veiwing this site may not live in Thailand and may not know the licensing procedures for bikes; they may be planning to come for a visit. Insulting remarks about their countries, eyesight etc.. does little to help sell a bike or foster comraderie. I am happy you found your invoice papers though, and although apparently they are irrelevent to legally riding your bike I believe that one more in the stable never hurts.( I have 7) again, sorry for any stupid questions

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