XR Rack Box?

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  1. I'm looking to outfit my XR250 with something to carry tools and spare parts. Its just getting to heavy in a backpack. I cant just bungy it down because the bumps will knock it loose.

    Anyone ?

    Thanks - Dirty
  2. Dave Dirty
    I reckon it might also hurt a bit more landing on a back pack full of spare parts & tools. Probably not such a good idea in my opinion.
    So, check out the brilliant set up on Silverhawk's DR650.
  3. Topcases and sidecases made in Malaysia by GIVI Malaysia are quite good quality for these prices, usually available at all big motorbike shops, in Chiang Mai for example should be available at Niyompanich near airport or all Honda dealers. Usually come with powdercoated universal mounting brackets. Just had 2 sidecases mounted on my old XJ750, did it myself, had to cut and drill a little bit but could do it in 4 hours. Got them at the biggest Honda dealer in Pattaya. Pair cost me about THB 4.600,-. Topcases go for around THB 2800,-. Cheers, Franz
  4. The rack is custom made here in Chiang Ma. I don't remember the cost but it is not expensive. I have it powder coated by Richco. He can tell you where to get the rack made as there are a couple sources and I believe mine may have changed locations.

    The tool carrier I made from PVC. I the necessary spanner seperate for the end caps which give at least a little security. The length is determined by the tire irons I carry.


    Obviously, just by undoing the hose clamps it can be taken off or switched between motorcycles easily.
    The top box is Givi.
  5. Thanks for the replys - Dave your outfit looks great. Really like the PVC side thing. I'll probably set up something I little smaller for the top rack.


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