XTZ1200 Super Tenere Launch - Istanbul

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  1. Yam1.
    A rather bland UJM version of the GS imo.
    At an expected price in Europe of €15K,
    I can't see them undercutting the BMW GS here by anything,
    were they to choose to import it.

    The stats, tho in Turkish, show 261 kg & 110bhp.
    And a 23 litre fuel capacity.
    17" rear 19" front.
    Apart from the weight - its 30-40 or so kg heavier that the GS,
    The specks are in many ways similar.



    The panniers don't look as tho they would with stand much of a knock,
    let alone spill.



    Interesting spoke set up for tubeless tyres.

    Overall rather underwhelming :roll:
    But nobody's ridden nor written up a test yet.
  2. Thanks for That Rhodie :wink: Great Photos!!!
    I Like it, Looks Fantastic and I bet it is a Pleasure to Ride. And Finally someone else with Spoked Tubeless Rims, Well Done Yamaha!!!
    I am Sure they would Sell in Thailand if it was sold here but would all depend on the Price as it up against Real Stiff Competition now with the New Models of BMW, KTM and the Fantastic New Ducati MultiStrada coming soon 8)
  3. Like the other offerings from Suzuki & Honda, I reckon it's FUGLY!!!

    If I were in the market for that style of bike AND money/availability were no object, I'd go for the new Duke Multistrada. If I were on more of a budget, the MG Stelvio would be a nice proposition.


  4. Me thinks the pricing of the 'Super XT' will be somewhere around THB 700 and 800k. don't htink they would make this bike more expensive than the 800 Beemer or their own R1 or FJR.
    Jeff does 'fugly' mean this word usually exists in a pair :lol: :D .......?? Agree only that it can't compete with your Bonnie :wink: , therefor it was among the 10 chosen this CNX Toy Ride, but not because of the bike but because of the monkey up front your forks :D :lol: .......5555; cheers, Franz
  5. Thanks for the update Rhodie, and great pix.

    What a stunning looking bike, and the best thing is at last in this class, there's a quality made motorcycle, with the renowned reliability, that it seems only a Japanese bike manufacturer can deliver, which will undoubtedly give the owner true piece of mind when touring in out of the way places, which is something that's unheard of when you own a European brand bike.
    Only thing I don't get, is why 30-40kgs heavier. Can this be true Rhodie?

  6. BMW claimed weights for
    R1200GS Dry 203kg - Wet 229kg with 20 litre tank.
    R1200GSA Dry 223kg - Wet 256kg with 33 litre tank

    Yamaha 261kg [my Turkish is not good enough to translate data posted
    but I am assuming Wet weight] with 23 litre tank.
    But this is a liquid cooled engine with two side mounted rads which accounts for some of it.

    I'm inclined to agree with Pikey about it's looks - that there's a little Varadero
    trying to escape its Bavarian lederhosen.
    If the bike is to be true dual-sport/enduro you would think that Yamaha
    would have a set of engine sidepanel guards as well as [front] indicators!
    The boxes are certainly not as robust as TT's basic but solid Zegas.

    Prices being quoted in Europe €15k+ / UK £13.5k+ are similar to std BMW GS.

    The Ambassador is right to mention Ducati's all-new Multistrada,
    which is due in country around July, THB1m [std] - 1.2m with the trick bits.
    KTM's pricing policy, at the moment, defies comparison.
  7. Indeed Franz, "fugly" is the polite way of putting it. Actually, I should qualify my thoughts - like the V-Strom and the Varadero, the front end just looks all bulbous and "wrong" to me when compared to the European offerings and even the now-defunct Buell Ulysees. Probably a great bike but for me, how a bike looks is a big part of the attraction.

    The monkey was put on the forks to compliment with the one in the saddle ;)


  8. Fully laden with all the boxes, bag & bars.
    Looking more like a GS with every further revelation.

    Colin I would agree with you that tubless are best but I would be concerned by those wheel rim webs,
    for the spoke termination don't look too strong either.
    The back wheel is by far the worst offender but I guess Yamaha have done their calculations.
    They definately look a weak spot for me but as most of these, like most GS's, will only ever see tarmac,
    it probably won't be an issue for many.

    Yamaha's Tenere vid
  9. I don't doubt you Colin, but I'd be interested in seeing what set up you had.
    All I could find on your Honda was this, which are tubed.
    Only because I have been looking for a tubeless solution for the Scrambler for years.
    And the GS approach didn't seem right for the Scram.

    These Italian guys have been promissing but have yet to deliver

    The GS's spokes, as you know, go to the outer edge of the rims.
    The Yam solution is an interesting one going to a centreline ridge,
    and it will be good to see how it works out, as that's a heavy bike.
  10. I don't understand the fascionation with big heavy travel bikes like this one - I wouldn't want to take a ride on it for free, you'd have to pay me for it!
    Can't imagine riding anything else than highway with this thing; even though they're designed for "adventure" I'd have difficulties to take this monster onto a wet camp ground. Must be a drag to handle with its 260kg and all those suitcases on it.
    Lots of people seem to like 'em, though, but give me an old XT500 and a day pack, that's my idea of adventure!
  11. I like it a lot but its crazy priced even in the UK - I think it should have been aimed at least 2000 GBP below the GS
  12. The Super Tennere being sold here in Thailand are European and USA specs and even the service and user manuals are in english.
    I saw a guy riding one today at the Yamaha Riding Academy, doing the Advanced course and it turns on a dime. He did a great job.
    The price of the bike is TB890,000. Insurance TB24,000.Rego TB646. Number Plate TB3000.
    If interested you can contact Yamaha Big Bikes in Bangkok and ask for Mr Pel, his number is 0875071331. If you mention Pee Nit Noi thats me, alias (Nipper) asked you to ring him , you may get a discount. It's worth a try.

    Name of contact Mr Pel is (KITTIWAT AKSORNPIM) Sales executive.
    His Mobile Numbers : 0875071331 or 0888740453
    His E-mail: [email protected]

    Attached files 280999=11578-Rear%20Super%20Tennere. 280999=11577-Side%20Tennere. 280999=11576-Tennere%207.

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