Yamaha MT-09 Based WorldCrosser Concept Bike

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    by by Oberdan Bezzi

    Meet the MT-09 Based, WorldCrosser-yamaha-mt-09-triple-worldcrosser-Concept-oberdan-bezzi
    Welcome the Worldcrosser, Oberdan Bezzi's latest concept, based on the already coveted Yamaha MT-09.
    The Yamaha MT-09 (or FZ-09, as it it marketed in some countries including the US) managed to bring a very hefty breath of fresh air into the industry, as it came with very nifty looks, great specs and a very good price. And seeing designer use it as the starting point for new concept is only natural.Bezzi chose the triple-cylinder mill as the power unit for an enduro derivation of the MT-09 chassis, using taller and more compliant suspensions, able to tackle both long asphalt roads and unsealed territory.
    The tires are obviously knobbies, and auxiliary fuel tanks are also a must. The bike should be a solo one, with space intelligently used for accommodating navigation and touring gear.

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