Yamaha YBR250 - a new bike on offer

Discussion in 'Yamaha Big Bike Riders Club' started by Franz, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. Just saw it at Yamaha Rider's Club: http://www.yamaha-motor.co.th/pdf/yamaha_YBR250.pdf
    Another contender on the market, is a good seller in overseas as very frugal on petrol and servicing costs.
    Just wonder if this one is imported or manufactored in Yamaha's plant in Samut Prakarn / Thailand.
    Hopefully manufactored here, could be a replacement for my Nouvo later on.......
  2. As you would know I rode a YBR 125 throughout Vietnam; so good was it I actually bought a second & so had two in the stable at the one time.

    It was a great bike for the job &, as you say, very good on fuel consumption & for having serviced (I always carried key pieces with me, however, when outside the major cities but mechanics never had a problem fine tuning the bike).

    As with many things in Vietnam at the time they were imported - large frame let alone big motored bikes (ie, anything over 50cc) were like hen's teeth requiring special, difficult to obtain permits to import. I'm not sure if they were actually made in China or in India but it was claimed the components came from Japan & the bikes were simply assembled elsewhere.

    A built in Thailand YBR 250 would be worthy of consideration.
  3. Any Idea of Price?
  4. Sorry no Ian, have looked at various local sites and could not yet find anything, let's hope they get more information out quickly. Bike won't be a contender for Ninja 300 or even CBR250, I think it is more like a workhorse or the former Tiger 250 for commuting or 'lower pace small tours'.
    Yes Rod, as mentioned to Ian would be a good commuter or leisurly small tour bike.

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