Zeus (Arai XD copy) $85

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  1. OK until you have a crash and your head is all over the floor :lol: you pay for what you get in this life......... (Your helmet is the most important piece of equipment you own, buy the very best one you can afford and never compromise.) August,2008, Two Wheels Magazine p.35
  2. I didnt get that impression after reading through the links I provided

    They retail for ~$250 in Australia.
    The Amazon price ($85) seems a bargain .
  3. I've got a Zeus ZS-508, and I think it's great. It has DOT certification, so it is head and shoulders above any Thai helmet. It actually fits my head, which is a difficult thing to find. If you have a really big head and you want something that'll flip up to a 3/4 helmet, this is the one!
  4. did you buy it in Thailand ?

    if so, where / contact details ?
  5. Thanks, I emailed to ask if they have a Thai or Cambodian distributor.
    If they have I will post it up..
  6. I bought one yesterday.Yes $250 in Aus, compared to $800 for the Arai XD. There is also a Shoei in the same style. Some guys here in Oz have ordered Shoeis from Japan and found them to be much cheaper than buying retail but they don't have the approval sticker (probably not an issue in Thailand). I'll be going for a bit of an off-road ride up in the Vic high country in a couple of weeks and see how it feels.

    still reading the site
  7. Look forward to your feedback

    I didnt get a reply from Zeus Tawain so still wondering if anyone sells them in Thailand or Cambodia.
    Really need to try one on to get sizing right, size charts/mail order very hit and miss.
  8. Ok - rode to work yesterday and wore the Zuess. First impressions - similar wind noise to my Arai conder (road helmet), the peak tends to push your head down rather than pull it back but the peak is adjustable for angle so that can be sorted. I bought a size L Zuess which is a good tight fit (ie no movement in the helmet when shaking my head). A similar fitting Arai would be an XL. I would never buy a helmet over the internet without knowing if it fitted properly.
  9. Mike
    Drop me an email will ya. Your old email address does not work.
  10. Hi Guys,
    I have owned an Arai for 12 months, best helmet I have ever ridden with.
    Tried a Zuess, heavier, noisier fits the same as the old Zuess flip up I used on my last ride to Thailand.
    I picked up an Index copy in Samui for around $70 Aussie for riding around. Its Dot approved but the lining is not a patch on the Arai, (you only get what you pay for) So far ok in the limited trails on the Island.
    Give me the Arai any day.

  11. Received a reply from Zeus


    Wouldnt be suprised if someone was selling them here anyway but probably not a big range

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