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Hi David

great site, love it!

I ordered the maps a few weeks ago and nothing has come through as yet. Can you check thins out and tell me are we far away?
Please check your email.
Hi Dave just letting you know that Andrea from the Unsactioned mob hopes to be in attendance Wednesday night. Seeya there.
Preparing the next 3 months slog at home. Skin grafts tomorrow on the broken leg and then 3 months at home,
Feeling the pinch with the price of fuel. 810 baht to fill up the Vstrom today. Ouch!
Now is fire season
I live in Chiang rai
Can happen but not soon
because I am ready to move again
Just for fun I located an old 1970’s logo I remembered, and converted it into a GTR logo.
Do you know where I borrowed it from? A clue is....The Zoot Best Regards from Biggles.
CanThai. (Re XCross). There is someone on here called TonyBKK, & I noticed his name on here in last few days. If its same guy, he was on TH bike forums years ago talking about Tiger 200/250’s and the Co itself with quite some knowledge. Maybe he can help you. Regards from Biggles.
Sorry I no understand very well what you want to say I am Italian my English is poor
Race with scooter Mae rim up to c mai in the street with friends ?
Race in phan off road?
For see wick one scooter is the best?
O just a meeting with friends for enjoi togheter
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Its not about winning. Its not a race. Its about riding scooters for fun in different ways like sports bike riding or mx track or ADV, whatever. But if thats not your thing, thats fine too. MikeRust suggested I contact you.
Ma cosa vuoi dire Ughetto ?
Scooters...125 Dream / Wave / CT Rides on and off road. Hope I am writing in the right place.
Hi there. What are the tyres you are running. Are they Corsa maybe or Timsun. Both obscure brands. But I’d really like to know, what you think about them on and off road when riding the bike hard and fast. Do they hang on, or are they scary?
Hi I'm Scottish born, lived there 38 years and New Zealand since 2003 (now a Kiwi). Recently built a house in Sakon Nakhon with my Thai wife. I used to tour around UK/Europe, and am returning to two wheels after some time, so starting small. Currently enjoying touring locally around Isan, but planning to tour more widely in S.E. Asia in future. So I'm hoping to find like minded tourers here for future trips.
I'm living here in Pattya over 5 years now. I'm working on in Finnnis company and I'm going to live here in Thailand rest of my life. I love Thailand and this atmosphere.
can you please tell me hoe to de-activate my account.
Done. De-registered you. Account waiting confirmation.
Adapting from life on a Z1000 and a push bike in Malaysia to this little one in Thailand. It stays a nice ride on a competent machine.
Lights are on. A test ride tomorrow night coming up.


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DaveFL, thanks for the link. I will join shortly, but a quick question, can you ride scooters on highway 11 between Chiang Mai and Lampang? It looks like a restricted access/car or big bike only road.