Targeted Advertising available in a defined motorcycle touring market in S.E. Asia. reaches 10s of thousands of visitors per month.

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With a tourism focus, particularly but not exclusively on motorcycle tours, our members and visitors include both expatriates resident in Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam etc, and incoming tourists from a broad range of countries.

Why not give your business some exposure in this very active community?

Main Website & Forum Banner Adverts

“Site-Wide” Sponsors

Advertising Rates:

1,000 THB per month, minimum 6 months, payable in advance (US$200 per 6 months)
6 months = 6,000 baht
Take out 12 months & you will get a 15% discount = 10,200 baht = 850 baht a month
Take out 2 years & you will get a 25% discount = 18,000 baht = 750 baht a month
Take out 3 year & you will get a 35% discount = 23,400 baht = 650 baht a month
And yes we have customers locked in for 3 year banners they are so happy.

  • Forum Banner Size: 280×75 – (jpg or gif)

Banner Placement:

Limited advertising spaces are available.

Adverts are rotated;

  • in right column of Forum pages
  • in the right sidebar of the sister site;

NOTE: banners will link to a promotional page on The promotional page provides;

  1. An outline of your business and a couple of promotional photos
  2. A direct “dofollow” link to your website
  3. Your phone number
  4. Your email address

Previously, the banners linked directly to the advertisers website. Google now disapproves of “run of site” links and may demote both websites participating in the links!

The Rules:

  • One advert to one domain only, unless otherwise negotiated and agreed.
  • Animated GIF banners are permitted, providing they are tastefully done and don’t create a serious distraction – no pink neon, please! 🙂


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