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    North Thailand Dirt rides
    Unlike “untamed Laos” there are few long dirt rides in the North, but more short rides were the roads link up with the asphalt after “40 kms maximum.”
    So where to go.......
    There are many off-road trip reports on GTR & for those looking for some dirt action, here's an attempted directory of dirt rides & link ups.

    Mae Hong Son
    From Mae Sarieng
    : Dirt bike river riding; Mae Sariang to the Salween

    Wonderful Off-Roading in the North

    Exploring some fun trails and amazing scenery between Mae Sarieng and Ban La Up!

    West of Mae Hong Son: A dirt track ride west of Mae Hong Song. Oh the serenity

    From Pai: Riding West Out Of Pai To The Elephant Trail And Back.

    Pai To Wiang Haeng February 2015

    Pai – Wiang Haeng – Fang: A sunny days ride from Pai to Fang via Wiang Haeng.

    The old elephant trail – Wat Chan – Mae Hong Son

    A quick update on the Elephant Trail that runs between Samoeng and Mae Hong Son.

    Elephant Trail - Chiang Mai to Mae Hing Son

    Chiang Dao

    From Chiang Dao there are some nice rides that go west to link up with Huay Nam Dang & Wiang Haeng

    Pai - Wiang Haeng - Chiang Dao. Muddy trails and mighty mountains


    From Fang there are trails that go east to Wawi / Doi Chang

    West to East. Chai Prakarn on hwy 107, to hwy 118 at Huai Som.


    From Phrao on R1001/ 1150 there are loops that go off R1150 & north onto R118; or south of R1150 & onto R118 / 1001.

    Scenic detour recommendation off hwy 118 between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai

    From Mae Kachan (R118) to Long Kord on R1001.
    Kon Jae--Long Kord. Day out in the Sri Lanna NP.

    Dirt Ride Khun Chae Np And Doi Pangom Ascent Success

    Chiang Rai

    From Chiang Rai there are dirt trails that link up with Wawi & Doi Chang, plus along the Kok river

    Chiang Rai - Wawee - Fang. The delights of riding west out of Chiang Rai

    From Doi Mae Salong: An afternoon border ride out of Doi Mae Salong

    From Chiang Khong: New trails in Chiang Khong.


    From Nan, the province with the best road bike riding, there are also numerous loops & rides to do.

    Nanthaburi National Park, Nan

    Dirt tracks to and from Nan.

    The Nan-Nanthaburi loop

    Doi Pha Chang Wildlife Preserve!!

    From Chiang Mai to Nan: Nan To Chiangmai, As The Crow Flies.

    Om Koi

    A brilliant ride from Omkoi to Mae Ngao National Park!

    From Om Koi to Mae Sot: Mae Tuen over the mountains to Mae Sot.

    An epic: Epic Northern Thailand Dirt Tour! 5 days and 1200km of offroad fun!

    Chiang Mai - Bangkok

    For a mega dirt ride you can try this one – Chiang Mai to Bangkok the long dirty way down

    Chiang Mai to Bangkok - The Long Dirty Way Down.

    A missing link adventure

    A new Missing Link from Umphang to Kamphaeng Phet via Mae Wong National Park!

    Chiang Mai - Rudi Saxonator's enduro madness vdos of dirt trails
    Saxonator's Sick Enduro Video Diary

    From Chiang Mai
    Dirtroad Route Close To Chiang Mai

    If anyone else wants to dig out some dirt reports & add them they are welcome to do so.
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