Kiu Sataa to Chiang Rai. Great dirt track.

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  1. Kiu Sataa to Chiang Rai.

    It was a nice day for a ride, and I was feeling quiet fit because all the pubs in Fang were closed the night before due to a buddhist holiday. It was a night of Budda before beer.

    I read about this track in HellBobs big trip report, so thought Id go and have look. :clap:

    Ride consisted of a good dirt section, before following the Kok river to Chiang Rai on the tar.

    The track heads south off hwy 1089, starting 300 metres east of the check point located at 1089-1234 T intersection. Its shown on the "Golden Triangle Loop" map.

    You need to be a fairly competent dirt rider to give this track a shot (IMO), if it rains, the only person that's going to get through is Chad Reed.

    The start of the track.

    The track has some big drop off's to the side, and its a long way down.

    My little camera doesn't show just how impressive some of the views where.

    There's a couple of small river crossing to wash the mud off your boots and bike.

    There is many small villages like this one were you could get a drink.



    A few track photo's to give you an idea what its like.


    I had a big crowd watching me go through here, not doubt they would have liked to see the farang get stuck. But it wasnt to be.

    I defiantly have to do some more riding up here. Stunning area.

    The dirt track continues......

    Until you hit the Kok River.

    I run into chiangmai-diver who was heading in the opposite direction. He had said there was a bridge that would take me over to the south side of the river. But in my haste to avoid the rain, I missed the turn off, and by the time Id had worked out I had missed it, the rain was really coming down, so just took the tar road back to Chiang Rai on the North side.

    How did you get on chiangmai-diver (J.D) What did you think of the track north of were we meet :thumbup: :thumbdown:

    The tar seemed boring after a great ride on the dirt.

    Elephants, like the KLX, dont mind the dirt or the tar.

    Cheers Moto-Rex
  2. Nice one Rex, no overnight stay in a hill tribe village this time. Well done. Let's hope Chiangmai Diver made it out to the top of the hill & the asphalt ok.
  3. Really Nice Trails Rex. You must have all these Great Trails Logged in now? We could spend a few Days just on Dirt Trails around the North and Party at Night, Now there is an Idea when You have the Time?
  4. Awesome! Great pics and great report! You da man! :happy5:
  5. Great pictures rex, its lovely and green at the moment makes for great riding.

    Shame you missed that bridge as the dirt track on the southern side of the cock river heading east is pleasant and drops you pretty much staight back in chiang rai with a pinch of tarmac at the end. sounds like it worked out alright though as the rain was coming down hard!

    From that bridge, if you continue to follow the river on the southern side but heading west, there will be a fork( left to wawi, right to tha ton). the track will eventually squirt you out just north of tha ton.

    your right there are lots of trails in that area, plenty have been done and plenty more remain out there waiting to be sullied by us riders!
  6. Hey Rex,

    Yup I made it up the mountain alright. You were right some parts got a bit hectic and I'm glad the rain had let up or it could have gotten messy. As for hitting the asphalt near mae Sarong north of where we were I turned South and headed South East on what turned into a really intense long single track. Was about 3 - 4 hours later I finally came out at Chiang Rai..... I put a trip report up.

    Dave I was thinking of you doing the Ang Khan run, I hope to see a few photo's and I'll try going back through the trip reports to find them... I was told it's not bad but in the rain dangerous so I was hoping to see what it looks like going along the boarder to North of Pie?
  7. Gday Bungy, I dont know that many dirt tracks in North Thailand, but enough to make a good loop with an over nighter or two.
    If I dont get swollowed up by the mud tomorrow up here in Laos, Ill see in a week or so. Boy did it rain last night :shock:
  8. wwooooWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW :!: :!: :!: GREAT GREAT PHOTOS !!! What amazing landscapes :!: :!: :!: you must have had a GREAT time ! :mrgreen:
  9. Nice green colors !! :p
    When i stay there every plants brown :cry:

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