Mae Tuen over the mountains to Mae Sot.

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    Mae Tuen (Tun) over the mountains to Mae Sot.

    A couple of road signs around Omkoi points me towards Mae Tuen. No GPS but the new GT-Rider map made me confident....

    Cruising south on the ridges at 1000MSL along 1099.

    Due to recent rain the view was good.

    Talking about rain. The rain set in as I came to Mae Tuen and it was getting late.
    A late lunch and one hour later I set of. It was around 4pm and I thought it was a short trip over the mountain. I was wrong.

    Wet and slippery road but beautiful and clear and crisp air!

    A water stop in one of the many hills.

    Now, this is a piece of road work I hope to see more of. Just lovely. About 4 levels of U turns..

    This intersection was not on the GT-Rider map. A lot of intersections along this track. I maintained a heading of SW in all intersections hoping that would lead me to 105. Suffice to say I had about 50% success!

    More rain and mist. And the darkness set in too.

    Need to this trip again, in daylight this time. And drier roads..

    I ran out of power on the Photo tracker GPS.
    With a GPX track the trip should not take more than 2 hours. I used 6 hours. And loved every minute of it.
    I arrived in Mae Sot around 22pm

    All on OSM.
  2. Neat Looking Dirt Road. Well done Riding around in the Wet Season!
  3. Oddvar
    That's a beauty of a trip report.
    The Om Koi south area is probably one of the last "unexplored areas" of North Thailand. Ive still yet to get down there.
    I'm glad you had a great time & enjoyed yourself.
    Thanks for the trip report & all your other contributions.
  4. Another ripper report..

    Hope we can meet up soon and go for a ride together..

  5. Happy you like the report.

    There are more tracks in that area according to the GT-Map. A loop can be done from both sides and theres is accommodation in Mae Tuen and Omkoi too.
    + One of the waitresses at John's Place is from those Mountains. Like I need an excuse to go and hang out in those mountains!

    To be continued..:p
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    I had to repeat this ride. This time in Sunshine. Not rain and dark. What a difference.
    All pictures extracted from a GoPro 3 video. Not too bad.

    Not so much haze a the top.

    The roads was OK, and this is probably the worst part. Can't remember coming down here in the dark.




    A Fotball field "on the top of the world"



  7. Awesome stuff Oddvar! Man, had you whacked on down to Umphang you probably could have caught up with Reza and the rest of us for the return leg of the "Missing Link" ride!
  8. Yet again.. great shots Oddvar..

    Wish I could have joined you.. really.. Looks great.

    Next time for some bush bashing in Chonburi :)

  9. That would be the Karen girl from.....
  10. That's definitely another great ride out there - in the boonies & alone. Well done.

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