Nanthaburi National Park, Nan

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  1. Oddvar

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    4 days of puttering around in Nanthaburi National Park in Nan.
    Most of the area is farm land, but some areas is pristine.
    Nice trials all over the area. Some mapped, some not.

    A couple of dead ends, but most trials goes through to other trials. Once over the mountain from Santipap, most trial will lead to 1082.

    Nanthaburi%20National%20Park%202-L. A lots of cows were grassing in the area. New barbed fences indicate that this is big business.

    Just about to join up with a mapped track. This is about 5km south of 1082 in the eastern part.

    This is all you can see from 1082.

    Chinese money here as well. On the way to Ban Santipap.

    This is an interesting 3-way intersection. The one to the right lead to the valley to the east, and a road back to the Nan road as well as up to 1082.
    The one in the middle curves around the mountain going west, and join up with the farm roads to the west.
    The one to left I will leave to next time, however, there is many promising trials on the west side of this mountain.

    Time for lunch and a nap.

    Thanks to rain the night before the air was fairly clear. Note the land slide in the centre of the picture. That served as a landmark. It is just south of 1082 and the trail which took me to 1082 yesterday.

    Dead end in the "eastern valley". Google Maps shows more roads here, but there are none, yet!


    The land slide close up, or as close as I could ride.

    The next day I checked out the trials around Ban Santipap. They did only lead into Dead end Valleys. With a new tyre I would have checked this out. Trust me, It's way steeper than it looks like.

    The trial north of Ban Santipap ended up in this stream. I checked it out from the west the day after. Very rugged terrain in the area, but you never know. Need to checked out..

    More burning and more crops.

    This is one of the trail on the west side of the mountain. Looks like a "disused" road/trial. Turned in to a single track a bit further down. Need another go here.

    This is the end of the "middle" track and connecting to trial and farm roads in the western valley.

    This was too steep for me on my worn down tyres. This is not more than 800m from where I ended up in the stream yesterday. But the elevation difference is about 500m. Will check this out with a fresh set of tyres.

    Yes, It's all about the corn. For animal food.

    Not so many river crossing in this area. This one was a perfect lunch spot.

    Edited picture links to SmugMug.
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  3. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Wow all good stuff there Odd var. You're certainly getting out there & enjoying the sights of Nan. Well done. Keep going.
  4. Ian Bungy

    Ian Bungy Ol'Timer

    Very Nice Oddvar,
    I always said as We Blast around Nan on Our Road Bikes there must be an amazing amount of Trails to Explore around such a Vast Area. Great Stuff. A Beautiful Countryside!
  5. TonyBKK

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    Nice! :thumbup:

    I've got to get the dirtbike up to Nan one of these days!!
  6. brian_bkk

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    Nice one.. Have to park KLX II up in Nan and do some exploring too.

    Great stuff.. really interested to see the trails. As Bungy said.. When on road bikes we zoom right on past.
    More than a few times I wanted to head down a trail.. The Ninja would not have thanked me

  7. Oddvar

    Oddvar Ol'Timer

    This loop will be over 50% dirt if the trial in red can be confirmed. I need some riding buddies to do that one as the start looks to be a bit touch. Or maybe I was too lazy to walk and have a look before turning around.
    The trail from the "red" trail and going east a really nice trial. Following the ridges, and bamboo forest.
    Nan is not just for racing street bikes, so much unexplored areas left.

    Nan North Dirt tracks to-from.
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  8. Oddvar

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    Here is a short video from the area with some nice music.
  9. Oddvar

    Oddvar Ol'Timer

    After more looking for the "non existent" 1172 I came back to 1082 and tried another trial leading to Ban Santipap.
    Some sections of this trial are not in use, but for a CRF and fairly new tires, it was a nice ride.
    Nanthaburi Westeren part.
    It does not look like there are anymore trials to the south of this one. But as progress is progressing here, who knows in a few years.
    Nanthaburi NP SW 1.
    Most of this trial is in the woods.
    Nanthaburi NP SW 2.
    But "progress" will soon claim this trial too.
    Nanthaburi NP SW 3.
    Strange to ride here. Vast new farmland to the north and pristine jungle on the south side of the trial.
    Nanthaburi NP SW 4.
    There is a lot of new farm roads, but they all lead up to 1082 or towards this trial.
    Nanthaburi NP SW 5.
    More burning.
    Nanthaburi NP SW 6.
    The trial followed several ridges.
    Nanthaburi NP SW 7.
    Nanthaburi NP SW 8.
    The condition of this bridge is not too good. It leads up to a Ranger station.
    Nanthaburi NP SW 9.
    By cutting down some branches I got around this fallen tree. No traces of traffic in this part of the trail.
    Nanthaburi NP SW 10.

    Nice and cool in the shades of the larger trees.

    Edited links to save on GT-R
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  10. Oddvar

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    A update on 1172.
    This time I tried from the North. As in the southern part evidence of construction of this elusive road was evident. The jungle has reclaimed about 6 km of this road.
    The locals working the land, if burning can be called work, confirmed that "long time" ago it was possible to get thru on a motorbike. They did not mention mines, tigers or communist as the Rangers station in the south say. But they did mention landslide.
    1172 Map.
    About 6 km as the crow fly is "gone".

    1172 North 1.
    A tiny piece of tarmac is evidence that there was a construction of a road here once.

    1172 North 2.
    In the southern part there is two "bridges" like this.

    1172 North 3.
    This is as far as I got this time.

    1172 North 4.
    But as progress comes to Doi Pha Chang Wildlife preserve area there might be a need for a road for the hunters.
    I saw 2 squirrels and 4 men with long rifles. Soon they might call it "Old Hunters Preserve Area"
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  11. Oddvar

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    This is what Nanthaburi National Park has revealed this “Dry Season”.
    The only significant trails are the “Suan Ya Luang” and Doi Pha Chang.

    2015 New trails Nanthaburi copy.

    Doi Pha Chang is a Wild life preserve area but don’t expect to se much of that, however, you will se many locals with rifles. I saw some with new rifles and scopes too. A sniper worthy?

    Suan Ya Luang came as a big surprise. A nice ride up from Ban San Charoen through fruit trees and into the jungle. The top is about 1600 MSL and fairly bare with a very nice view in all directions. It even got a camping ground that is staffed during holidays in the peak season.
    Many large trees falls down on the west side, so make sure you have fuel to turn around!

    Do Wao is another peak around 1600 MSL, not part of a loop but a really nice ride with continually changing nature. There is a camping ground at the Forrest ranger station a few km of 1082.

    Colin found the “Yellow loop” at the south side. We tried this one earlier this year but one bike did not manage to get through the tall grass.
    Later this year this trail was cleared by the locals. It was not cleared last year.

    All “significant” trails have been uploaded to OSM.
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  12. DavidFL

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    The bridges & Doi Phachi....I found some history, that I remembered from years ago, but it has taken a long time to find confirmation in English on the web

  13. Oddvar

    Oddvar Ol'Timer

    Nanthaburi never stop to surprise me. A couple of picture from a recent ride. I had reason to believe a 'new' trail would hook up, and it did.
    2017-4 Nanthaburi NP 1.
    The trial starts at this location. A new sign for elephants, monkeys and tigers has been set up since I was here last. Fake news I suppose.
    2017-4 Nanthaburi NP 2.
    The farmland soon gave way to the pristine jungle in this area.
    2017-4 Nanthaburi NP 3.
    So far, so good. The trial I hopes was there is here. Let's hope in connects up.
    2017-4 Nanthaburi NP 4.
    In and out of the jungle, and in and out of clearings. Just to let you se the beauty of this place. The overnight rain did clear some of the haze.
    2017-4 Nanthaburi NP 5.
    Fo some reason 'they' clear out the tracks every other year. Don't know why, but I do appreciate it.
    2017-4 Nanthaburi NP 6.
    Well, not ever track is cleared out every year.
    2017-4 Nanthaburi NP 7.
    How about riding here. Nanthaburi NP got it all.
    2017-4 Nanthaburi NP 8.
    This is from the Ranger Station and camping ground looking north toward Song Kwae.
    2017-4 Nanthaburi NP 9.
    On the home stretch, or not.
    2017-4 Nanthaburi NP 10.
    I've spent a lot of time looking for trial out of this valley, so far i've not found any trial.
    2017-4 Nanthaburi NP 11.
    They year they have really cleared out the south east part of the 'National Park'.
    2017-4 Nanthaburi NP 12.
    I had to go and check out a trial Brian and me checked out two years ago that ended in a Bamboo forrest. This time I did not get that far. This is 100m from our 'record' two years ago.
    2017-4 Nanthaburi NP 13.
    They build these shelters on windy spots with a nice view. Nice for lunch and a nap.
    2017-4 Nanthaburi NP 15.
    After 4 years the CRF if holding up in an impressive way. A 48 rear sprocket compensate for the low power. And after
    90k km it still runs like a clock.
    Nan wikipedia.
    If this is the government point of view there is not much hope for the beautiful and important jungle in Nan.

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  14. blackb15

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    Excellent photos and report.
    Safe riding
  15. Jurgen

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    Great pictures and a nice "Nan" story - a province of never ending amazements :) !

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