Communist Village & Natural Wonders Of Phayao...


Dec 9, 2008
..... plus a pretty tough dirt ride over the mountains.

But it started with a search for a "Hanging Rock" at Bo Sipsong.
North of Phayao is a ridge running roughly north-south. Access from the west is from a village road, east of highway 1.
2018-05-07 15.47.23.jpg

A brand new tarmac road in.
2018-05-07 15.51.26.jpg

Then came to a checkpoint. Here; N 19.24225 deg, E 99.91057 deg.

Various unusual natural features to see on this ridge;
At least 12 round natural bore holes in the limestone, caused by water erosion. Hence the name Bor Sipsong or 12 wells. Also many odd shaped rocks, but it was late in the day and I only had time to get to the Hanging Rock.
2018-05-07 16.06.27.jpg

Pha Hua Rua - Ship's Prow Cliff
2018-05-07 18.08.04.jpg

It certainly did have the shape of the bow of a ship.
2018-05-07 18.08.53.jpg

With a great view looking east across road 1202 to the Phu Nang N.P. It is another escarpment, like Phu Che Fah or Phu ArnMa. All three or these escarpment viewpoints are looking east.
2018-05-07 18.09.41.jpg

Some of the natural bore holes.
2018-05-07 18.23.38.jpg

After a night in Phayao town, I took a ride around the Gwan. There is a nice paved road that goes all the way around close to the water. At the southwest corner of the Gwan is the ancient port at Bahn Tung Giew.
2018-05-08 08.12.00.jpg

A dugout canoe, at least 70 years old.
2018-05-08 08.13.45.jpg
2018-05-08 08.14.27.jpg
2018-05-08 08.18.10.jpg

It does appear that the lake shore line has been cut in a way to moor up more boats.
2018-05-08 08.19.41.jpg

Looking west across the pink flowering lotus to Doi Nork, on the Lampang border ridge, Doi Luang NP.
An amazing rock and special for me, as it was a very tough climb up there to see it, 6 months ago. We had camped later that day on Doi Luang, the highest peak on the ridge, to the left in the photo.
2018-05-08 08.25.24.jpg

But back to today..
I rode east to Dok Kham Tai and then to Pong. But to get to Pong you have to ride a long way, all the way around the Phu Nang National Park. The southern route is via Chiang Muan and the northern route, as I went, via Chun. The Phu Nang National Park forms a huge area almost in the middle of Phayao province and there are apparently no roads over these mountains.
From Pong, the 1188/1228 takes you SE to the big cave at Pha Tang.
2018-05-08 11.17.59.jpg

Approaching a huge flat rock face.
2018-05-08 11.34.09.jpg
2018-05-08 11.35.23.jpg
2018-05-08 11.36.30.jpg
2018-05-08 11.37.26.jpg
2018-05-08 11.42.34.jpg

A beautiful spot.
2018-05-08 11.47.41.jpg

Moving on, took the concrete road 15klms SE to Bahn Santisuk.
2018-05-08 12.13.47.jpg

Looking east to Doi Pa Chang & Doi Pha Chi, above Bahn Santisuk.
2018-05-08 12.25.49.jpg

A great ride with no traffic.
2018-05-08 12.27.42.jpg
2018-05-08 12.29.58.jpg

An isolated Hmong village, hidden in the mountains on the Phayao - Nan border.
2018-05-08 13.03.42.jpg
2018-05-08 13.03.50.jpg

North of the village, along the valley, I found a very interesting and somewhat sad place.
2018-05-08 13.10.55.jpg

Overgrown and poorly maintained.
2018-05-08 13.12.08.jpg

It was the communist graveyard I was looking for. Here; N 19.06031 deg, E 100.49374 deg.
2018-05-08 13.13.23.jpg
2018-05-08 13.13.56.jpg

2018-05-08 13.14.41.jpg

I thought this said "Susan Wirachon". But actually, "susarn" means graveyard in Thai.
2018-05-08 13.14.46.jpg

About 10 graves in all. Simple concrete slabs, each with a small engraved and gilded marble headstone.
2018-05-08 13.15.43.jpg
2018-05-08 13.15.58.jpg

I later realised why each name was prefixed with "S" in Thai. This stands for "S'hai", the Thai equivalent of "Comrade". This is the grave of S'hai Sunthut.
2018-05-08 13.16.48.jpg

Careless use of a strimmer has damaged a couple of the headstones. The graveyard clearly gets very infrequent maintenance, but perhaps once a year there is a remembrance ceremony held with the villagers.
2018-05-08 13.17.08.jpg
2018-05-08 13.18.01.jpg

S'hai Gong.
2018-05-08 13.18.07.jpg
2018-05-08 13.18.31.jpg

There is a small railing around the site but disappearing in overgrowth.
2018-05-08 13.19.06.jpg
2018-05-08 13.21.03.jpg
2018-05-08 13.21.18.jpg
2018-05-08 13.21.38.jpg

I headed back to the village.

A large red star on the gable end of this house.
2018-05-08 13.35.08.jpg

Is the bottom script written Hmong language?
2018-05-08 13.36.50.jpg
2018-05-08 13.40.29.jpg
2018-05-08 13.43.25.jpg

A trail leads south out of the Bahn Santisuk over a stream..
2018-05-08 14.01.19.jpg

..then up a steep slope to the ridge
2018-05-08 14.01.24.jpg
2018-05-08 14.01.35.jpg

About 1klm out of the village, I turned off right into a previously cleared area.
A sala for.... re-eduaction..?
2018-05-08 15.11.34.jpg

This monument to Communism looked sinister..... up on a raised platform of ground, like a stage. The party officials would stand on the stage next to it and the comrades would sit on the ground in front.
2018-05-08 15.12.27.jpg

Unfortunately illegible.
2018-05-08 15.13.12.jpg

Hong Nam
2018-05-08 15.13.47.jpg
2018-05-08 15.13.50.jpg

Steps up to the stage.
2018-05-08 15.14.26.jpg
2018-05-08 15.14.38.jpg
2018-05-08 15.15.23.jpg

The word in quotes is "S'hai"... Comrades.
2018-05-08 15.15.33.jpg

There is no mistaking the round symbol on the top of the memorial.
2018-05-08 15.15.47.jpg
2018-05-08 15.15.57.jpg

Not very long ago......
2018-05-08 15.16.11.jpg
2018-05-08 15.16.24.jpg
2018-05-08 15.16.41.jpg

This memorial is at; N 19.04843 deg, E 100.50047 deg.

Time was rolling, so I continued along the Phayao - Nan ridge trail, camera battery dead. This trail went on and on, first east with lots of steep and slippery ups and downs before turning north, with more slippery ups and downs. I think about 25klms all up, some of it very gingerly, before I popped out into Bahn Sop Khun, further north on the Phayao - Nan border. I was certainly tired & happy to arrive and get out of the mountains before dark. Then took the lovely windy tarmac road east to Ta Wang Pha and crashed in a roadside GH. Only dropped the bike once this time out, which is good.... or perhaps I'm not trying hard enough..

A fun and interesting ride in some beautiful scenery. I want to go back to Bahn Santisuk some time when the Phu Yai Bahn is there. There is some hiking to be done up Doi Pha Chi.

But somehow, I don't think Bahn Santisuk is ready to get listed on the Thai Tourism Authority's website yet...!

I must just add; Thank You to David, for the tip-offs about the locations in this report.
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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Great report & bit of history Ian.

Fantastic that you got out there to check it out for us.

Now I wonder how old the graves are - I guess there were no dates?

We will have to get some translations for a bit more info i reckon.
Especially this one

I think there might be a guy in Chiang Khong too, who knows a bit about the commie battles in the area.
All this history fascinates me & makes the touring more rewarding.
I will see if i can track him down once I am back in CK.

Last but not least TQ too Jean Baptiste, who tipped me off as well.


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Jan 16, 2003
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Update March 2022


The overgrown graveyard site north of Santisuk has been cleaned up & renovated.








Some new headstones are in place




Interesting enough GTR met up with Khun Chalong, the village headman & ex communist warrior.

He has just written a Thai language booklet with the history of their struggle & community.
When I asked about the RTAF chopper shot down in 73 he said there were two shot down & the remains of one are still up there on the mountain!.....anyone up for a serious mountain goat hike?