Kon Jae--Long Kord. Day out in the Sri Lanna NP.

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    Kon Jae - Long Kord. Day out in the Sri Lanna NP....

    I originally read about this area in a Captain Slash report, at the beginning of the year,
    and marked it down as an area I should check out.
    After riding up there, I don’t know why I waited so long.

    Conditions were prefect, damp but no rain, and around 20degress.

    Looking down a valley with Phrao in the distance.

    These derelict looking garden houses where full of fresh vegies.

    One of the many small villages along the way.

    Young girl happy to show off her home made jungle hat.

    Young fella couldn’t care less.

    Road heading down through a another village.

    This track goes straight through someone’s front yard.

    Great riding on these tracks.


    Although there was plenty of water around. The tracks weren’t slippery at all.
    Easy riding, nothing difficult at all, good tracks to just curse along take in the scenery.

    The whole day I was surrounded lush green vegetation, and crisp mountain air.



    Looks like superman’s catered for in Huai Makiang.

    Lots of passion fruit orchards around this area.

    Captain Slash would be impressed.

    Lunch time on the trail. Bottle of water, and a “pizza thing” from 7/11.

    I ventured on into the Thai bush, after my Hawaiian vittles.

    There was a few small river crossings like this one.

    I walked them all first luckily. The deep hole in the middle of this one would have brought a bike to a stop, that’s for sure. But to the right it wasn’t all that deep.

    The vegetation seem to glow brighter as the sun went down.


    These bridges you may have scene in Captian Slash and Happy Feet reports in the past.


    Doesn’t feel very stable, but does the job.

    Rice fields near Long Kord.

    All done. Dirt turned to tar, and it was back to Chiang Mai

    Not much commentary I know. But thought the photo’s would tell the story better than me.
    What a great part of Thailand this is, and I intend to explore this area a lot more in the future.

    He’s the Captain slash report on this area.
    https://www.gt-rider.com/thailand-motorc ... html#28938

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  3. DavidFL

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    Another nice one. You are certainly getting around on that KLX 250 of yours.
    What I find amazing is that is was Captain Slash on a Phantom that inspired you to get out & ride that area. Well done Slash!

    Riding the ridgeline between R1001 & R118 is probably as good as it gets in the North. Very few people seem to go & ride in there, but the forest cover is excellent, the villages are very traditional, plus the area is criss-crossed with trails.
    The easiest way to start is probably from the Mae Kachan side & head back towards Chiang Mai. But you can get in from off R1150, what MotoRex did or from off R1001 near Long Kord. Some of them are already on the GT Rider Golden Triangle map if you want to take a look; & there will be even more on the update sometime next year.
  4. Pikey

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    Great pics Rex and I was inspired to find this post after our chat today.

    Dry season update:

    Did this on friday 15th January with SilverHawk on his DR250 and Con on his TS200 2-smoke. 3 Suzukis for a change.

    The trail was a bit dusty with areas of bulldust to catch out the unwary through some of the corners. Here's a few pics.


    Con at the first watercrossing from the Long Kord End


    Yours truly - Idiot! I soaked myself....


    A little dusty in places but perfectly rideable.


    Dave's DR250 in front of "Little Hut in the Forest". It was deserted but there were signs of recent activity. I wonder where they get their farang customers from?


    Dave at one of the water crossings


    I believe this to be at the east end of Mae Kuang Dam. It's near the Mae Faek irrigation canal and when me & Con were there before, the locals said "no, not Mae Kuang" but I can't see another body of water on any map in that location. Great bit of trail leading to it and very beautiful and peaceful once you get there.

    Lastly. After the HU meeting on the 16th, I took a couple of RTW bikers I'd met, on their KTM640s through there again and there is a bit of footage here:

    Incidentally, if you go from Long Kord to Mae Kiang, there is a petrol station once you emerge back onto the 1001. If you go from Long Kord to Mae Kachan, there are a couple of petrol stations in Mae Kachan, north of where you pop out. If you do it the other way, petrol is available about 25km south of Long Kord past the Mae Ngat Dam turn off.



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