Dirtroad Route Close To Chiang Mai

Oct 29, 2013
Hello guys !

Can anyone recommend a good dirt road route near Chiang Mai ? I only know the one over Doi Suthep and then down to the big lake. Anybody know anything better, and longer ?
Need to be mostly dirt road, and not as challenging as this one please :)

Thank you in advance, and have a merry Christmas everyone :happy2:
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Aug 22, 2005
Not as close as Doi Suthep, but from Samoeng there are a number of roads. There is the road heading south past the Samoeng hospital that eventually leads to the Mae Win area and elsewhere. Also from Samoeng head west to Mae Saap and go straight where the highway turns left and head towards Tung Ting. That road is paved but there are numerous dirt roads branching off westward going to meet the road to Om Long, Yang Moen, Pang Kum, or due north to Papae. The road from North Samoeng and Na Fan to Papae is now good enough that with familiarity it is not much slower than getting to Papae on the 107 and then onto the 1095. And there is a back road or two up to the Rock Tower (near Mon Chaem resort) and a back road from Pa Muang up to Mae Sa Mai, but you might need a guide the first time to find the right path out of many paths that dead end at some Mong's garden.


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Dec 31, 2021
Bike-SanooK ride Bangkok to Kamphaeng Phet. My first long distance ride at the age of 72 after four years of TKR Total Knee Replacement. operations