Chiang Rai To Ban Sira And Back. A Pleasant Sunday Morning Ride West Of Chiang Rai.

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    Chiang Rai to Ban Sira and back. A Sunday morning ride west of Chiang Rai.

    Bike. KLX250

    Distance. Around 100kms in 4 hours.

    The reason why I decided to base myself in Chiang Rai, is because in 5 minutes from the centre of the city, your riding in rural Thailand with endless trails and amazing scenery.

    Its also surrounded by great little towns in all directions.

    So nice, and right on the edge of town.
    Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (1).JPG Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (2).JPG Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (3).JPG Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (4).JPG

    You follow the river for a lot of the way.
    Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (5).JPG Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (6).JPG Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (7).JPG

    A nice track to spend a Sunday morning riding on.
    Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (8).JPG Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (9).JPG Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (10).JPG

    This is the sort of riding an ageing dirt rider likes, no lifting the bike over logs and rocks or stuck on hills in the 35-degree heat. I prefer momentum, cursing along in 3 and 4 gear on a track with plenty hills, ruts and bumps to keep you on your toes suits me fine.
    Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (11).JPG

    So many beautiful photo opportunities out here. I think I’ll invest in a better camera. My little point and shoot doesn’t show just how nice it is out here.
    Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (12).JPG

    So good.
    Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (13).JPG Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (14).JPG Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (15).JPG Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (16).JPG Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (17).JPG Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (18).JPG

    I got to this spot to take a photo, while doing so I glanced toward Wawi which was going to be my turn around point. It was black, and the clouds were looking to offload there water at any minute. I rode a bit further onto Ban Sira where I decided a new turn around point would be there. Yes. I know Wawi isn’t much further, but I had been stuck out in this area once before when a storm hit, and although that day ended up being one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had, I didn’t want to do it again so I headed back to Chiang Rai.

    More on that faithfull night here.

    Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (19).JPG Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (20).JPG

    When I started to head back to Chiang Rai there was a very light rain to start with, which made the ride even better as it was cool.
    Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (21).JPG Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (22).JPG

    So good through here.
    Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (23).JPG

    This really is a great part of Thailand.
    Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (24).JPG

    I stopped at this little village to get a drink, and down came the rain.
    Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (25).JPG

    While I was having a drink, this pick up stopped. The kind driver ran into the store and brought a couple of rain coats for his passengers.
    Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (26).JPG

    Once the ladies had been fitted out with the rain proof gear, he got back into the front of the pickup with the rest of the men and drove off.
    Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (27).JPG

    The rest of the way back to Chiang Rai was a little slick here and there, but a very enjoyable ride.
    Chiang Rai Wawi Dirt Ride (28).JPG

    Great way to spend a morning just on the edge of Chiang Rai.


    Also, if you’re in Chiang Rai on a Sunday, check out the Sunday night market. I know we all get a bit tired of markets, but this one is a ripper.
    Chiang Rai Market (1). Chiang Rai Market (2). Chiang Rai Market (3). Chiang Rai Market (4). Chiang Rai Market (5). Chiang Rai Market (6). Chinag Rai Market (1).

    Not just the usual touristy junk.

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    Wet Season Riding Rocks!

    ...and so wonderful to see that the spirit of chivalry is alive and well, out there in the countryside! :cool: Such compassion from the men (so comfortable and dry) inside that truck... Urging the driver to stop for a moment and get coats for the lovely ladies squatting out on the bare steel deck in the wind and pouring rain. 5555

    "Good on ya, mate!"


    That sort of thing would NEVER happen at home! Well, not now...

    When we were kids, the Old Man had a '46 Ford V8 pickup with a flat deck and no sides... As the oldest of 7 kids, I was always on the deck - rain, hail or shine! Only the "little ones" rode inside.

    These days? Aside from the fact that anyone caught on the back of a ute would be prosecuted, along with the driver for operating a motor vehicle in a dangerous manner... Can you imagine a woman sitting on the deck of a ute while the men rode inside??? I have daughters, all of them grew up roughing it in the hills on weekend deer and pig hunting trips. However, I doubt there's one of them that would "ride shotgun" while any man sat inside... LOL

    That's why I love this country - the lack of political correctness is SO refreshing!
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    Those tracks around the Lam Nam Kok NP are wonderful. It's local for me which is fantastic.
    You can ride NW on the north side of the Kok river, past the elephant camp at Ruam Mitr and the concrete bridge. Then onto dirt road up to the old motorcycle bridge, along to the My Dream restaurant and then on to the National Park Office grounds. The river is beautiful there with lots of rapids and islands. All easy riding for old buggers. Then turn north for the more challenging stuff, over the tracks to get across the mountains to the 1089, either coming out at Kiu Satai or further east at Huai Ma Hin Fon. You can spend hours in there escaping the bustle of the world.
    On the south side of the river, they have been extending the paved road from the city for many years, building bridges over the creeks as they go. Eventually at the NW end, it gets difficult to get further along the river. I remember finding a steep slope, where I turned back and then found the dirt road across to Wawi. That actually leads to the bottom of Doi Gart Pi. Before that, you can take a turn to the SE and take a long winding trail across to the Khun Khon waterfall. That is one of my favourite tracks here, pretty remote in there.

    But I agree with Rex, I try to avoid the Lam Nam Kok away from the river, in rainy season. Some offroading in other areas of the north is OK at this time. But in Chiang Rai, the red clay earth is just too sticky. You end with doughnuts for wheels and almost no traction. In one day, I fell off 12 times and my mate 16 times.... plus getting a push from locals twice.

    Stuck somewhere on the north side of the river, a few years ago.....
    2012-08-21 18.01.54.

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