Chiang Rai - Wawee - Fang. The delights of riding west out of Chiang Rai

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    Chiang Rai - Wawee - Fang.

    This was a great dirt ride. Starting from Chiang Rai I followed the Kok river into Lum Nam Kok NP before heading south west through the park to Wawee. From Wawee it’s a 10 kilometre ride down hwy 3037 to Pong Mai La to where I turned west to Fang on the mainly dirt track.
    The day I did this ride it was in the 40s, ..stinking hot, and it took me about 5-6 hours taking it easy.

    The way.

    First stop before take off was to my favorite Coffee and Banana pancake eatery in Chiang Rai,.. Nongnon Coffee, which is located about 100 metres from the golden clock on Chet Yot Road.

    Nongnon Coffee N19 54.308 E99 49.877


    Fuel for the body…This pancake kept me going for a while.

    Peak hour traffic in Chiang Rai. Like all towns in Thailand, the cars seem to be taking over.

    The south side of the Kok river only a few kms out of Chiang Rai.

    Looking across the river to the Elephant camp.

    It would have been a good photo of the boat if the photographer was a little quicker.


    So nice riding along here.


    All this is just a short ride out of Chiang Rai.




    Once you leave the river and start heading south west the track climbs into the mountains, and there’s some really steep climbs and descents.

    This particular spot was where a ride went horribly wrong for me many years ago, ..and the sad thing was my fellow riding partners found my Dilemma some what amusing.


    This is where a lot of the smoke that covers Chiang Mai/Chiang Rai areas comes from at times.

    The local connivance store at Wawee where I reloaded the camel back. God it was hot.

    After rehydrating in the metropolis of Wawee, it was down hwy 3037 to Pong Mai La where I turned right and headed towards Fang.

    I couldn’t believe how baron it was in this area, the complete opposite to ride from Chiang Rai to Wawee. This track was like riding on ice,..hard packed with a flim of sandy gravel on top which kept me awake.

    Id say riding through here would be much better just after the wet season.

    There’s a few interesting little villagers along the way.


    The beautiful rice fields greet you on the out skirts of the fun town of Fang.


    On arriving at Fang I spent an hour sitting in the air conditioned, hot riders sanctuary of Amazon Coffee, before checking into Preeya Mansion where I waited for the sun to set, and the bright lights of Fang to appear.

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    Good Trip! :clap: The roads on the west of Chiang Rai one of the best because many different landscapes and nice villages
    We did the tour: Thaton - Huay Khum Resort - Wawee (stop on the same supermarket) - Doi Chang- Chiang Rai - on the river to My Dream Resort for Lunch - Thaton
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    Thanks for report Moto-Rex. I like the route, will try it myself on my next northern trip.
  5. DavidFL

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    That's a nice dirt link up for off road riders Moto-Rex.
    Does it link up at all with any other dirt trails further south that go east from Fang?
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    Nice one Rex.. Great photos as usual.

    You will be the Chiang Rai expert at this rate..

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    Fang – Wawi Update. (July 2017)

    Bit of an update on the track from Fang to Wawi. From Wawi we didn’t continue on to Chiang Rai on the dirt, because it started raining heavily, so we rode up to Doi Mae Salong which is a beautiful ride anyway.

    Wawi bound….heading off from Preeya Mansion.

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (1).JPG

    First stop Amazon for coffee and a 7-11 toastie.
    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (2).

    Goodbye Fang.. The town where “Rock never die”.
    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (3).

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (4).JPG

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (5).

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (6).JPG

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (7).

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (8).

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (9).JPG

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (10).

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (11).

    Nice riding through here.
    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (12).JPG

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (13).

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (14).JPG

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (15).

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (16).

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (17).JPG

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (18).JPG

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (19).JPG

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (20).JPG

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (21).

    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (22).JPG

    Wawi general store. Great place a break.
    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (23).JPG

    You can purchase handbags and pumpkins if you like.
    Fang Thailand Motorcycle (24).

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    Great stuff. Moto-Rex comes with goods, as usual :yum

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