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  1. Viaje Vietnam Asia
    Viaje Vietnam Asia
    Conozca una cultura diferente y un país único en moto, en 4x4 o con TOP de viajes a Vietnam y vivir la que será la aventura de su vida.
  2. leonguyen0893
    No pain No gain
  3. Alexander Muliar
    Alexander Muliar
    DIRTLOOP:pakxeng-59 km samsoun-20km vieng kham-56km back pakxeng NEW dirtrd along NAM XUANG river - entry right at the bridge GREAT!
  4. Alexander Muliar
    Alexander Muliar
    Laoroadupdate: perfect dirtroad pakxeng samsoun is only 6km bit steeper(not 12/very as gt map say)&new connex back pakxeng from viengkham !
  5. Alexander Muliar
    Alexander Muliar
    Question is:: who needs/wants perfect thaimade roads when once in laos ?
  6. Alexander Muliar
    Alexander Muliar
    New laoroad 4B originates in luang prabang across mekong river , frequent ferryrides , 10 000 kip ,2pax, 1bike
  7. Alexander Muliar
    Alexander Muliar
    New road4B from luang prabang to honsa -lao/thai border ,nan, 108km thaimade perfect empty updownspeedfun 4B gets into 4A 46km from huai kon
  8. Alexander Muliar
  9. Chris UK Dirt&Track
    Chris UK Dirt&Track
    Getting ready for racing!
  10. Doy123
    Doy123 Endojim
    Hi. I'm based in Chiang Mai and wanting to find some new enduro routes. I normally ride near Mae Rim. Do you have GPX files of any of the routes you ride in your videos? Or know where I could find them?
    1. Endojim
      Hi Doi, I'm currently at work over seas. be back in three weeks. We normally go out a coupe time a week. Your welcome to join. I'll check to see if I have the files with me. What kind of difficulty do you prefer and what are you riding.

      Feb 29, 2020
  11. Doy123
    Doy123 saxonator
    Hi. I'm based in Chiang Mai and wanting to find some new enduro routes. I normally ride near Mae Rim. Do you have GPX files of any of the routes you ride in your videos? Or know where I could find them?
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    1. saxonator
      Hi, I have all the tracks in my head, don't use GPS and will never use one. At the moment you are not allowed to ride around Mae Rim or Doi Suthep/Doi Phui. There was an official announcement about that some time ago
      Feb 17, 2020
  12. Tuyen Tran
    Tuyen Tran
    Vietnam motorcyclist and tour operator
  13. Ticino
    Ticino Oddvar
    Thanks Oddvar, just relayed it to Chris now as I have been offline for a while. Cheers - Peter
  14. Electraglider
    Electraglider M1Tanker
    Do you think it would be worthwile? Do you have a shipping agent contact that I could contact or someone who could give me help on this?
    Any help would be appreciated

    regards Justin
  15. Electraglider
    Electraglider M1Tanker
    I have a harley ultra classic 2007 model and its not worth alot of money here in OZ so I was thinking it might be feasible to ship it over if the government will be reasonable about duty etc. what are your thoughts?
  16. Electraglider
    Electraglider M1Tanker
    Just wondering if I could pick your brains about importing a bike to thailand. I am currently living in Australia and will be relocating to roi-et and will be shipping a container over full of household goods and tools etc.
  17. Simon K Williams
    Simon K Williams DavidFL
    Hi David -
    Was predictably dangerous for you to share your business card with me when I was getting beefed up in MHS -

    Please contact me, so we can discuss further -

    [email protected]

    Or via Messenger if you can find me

    (I’m currently in UK- so I won’t share my THAI mobile)
  18. lotuseater
    lotuseater Electraglider
    Hi you asked about the BMW 1200 GS, it is still for sale. I'm in Japan until the end of the week but if you would like to view it I'm happy to make arrangements once I get back. Please just let me know.
  19. Ticino
    Ticino Oddvar
    Hi Oddvar,

    could not find you anymore on Facebook. Chris Corbett is looking for you for some information on a link between Road 7 (between Phou Khoun and Phonsavan) to Long Chaeng; a track in Southeastern direction. I was of the (possibly wrong) opinion, that you drove that track once many many moons ago.

    Let me know and if you want Chris to contact you; do you have an email/phone contact in Nan?

    Cheers - Peter
    1. Oddvar
      Hi. My email is [email protected]
      Please give it to Chris. I have been riding in that area but doubt that Chris and Don has not been there.
      Nov 4, 2019
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  20. Shmalick
    Laos to Cambodia
  21. Shmalick
    I am trying to cross from Laos to Cambodia with TIP expired over 60 days. Any ramifications due to expired TIP
  22. Paul1979
    Paul1979 DavidFL
    Hi david, was pondering the idea of making the memorial ride, i met a fellow member, Hubert, on my side of thailand, Kalasin..... and my wife also wants to come... is it too late to start to organize this re accomadation and registering?
  23. bradmeister
    You ready to make it ride, the way it should? Change the Springs!
  24. KawasakiKevin
    KawasakiKevin Ray Chivers
    Hi Ray.
    I'm new member also, enjoy touring mostly northern Thailand. I live close to you in Jomtien. Let me know if interested in joining on a run...
  25. Eric Lim
    Eric Lim
    Push further