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  1. sgBikerBoy
    Dreaming of my next long motorcycle trip.
  2. ZCM
    ZCM Scarlet Jade
    Hey Scarlet Jade,
    Great to see another female rider in the GT.Rider forum!
    Just dropping a HELLO and hope to see you on here more.
    Wish you great adventures and safe travels :)
  3. Welshgirl
    Hello to everyone. Looking at pages on Malaysia. Thinking I may ride to Singapore and back. Just checking if safe for solo woman.
  4. Scarlet Jade
    Scarlet Jade
    A Filipina Adventurer in Pattaya City, Chonburi
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  5. TonyBKK
    Live to ride, Ride to live!
  6. Marco
    May Force be with you
  7. Biggles
    Biggles Ian Bungy
    Hello Ian. I’m more or less unknown in these circles in CM, but I’m the guy who put up the CM Sports Scooter article on here ages ago, (but scooters are another story). David FL knows of me too. Is the message I'm typing to you right now a private message (PM), or is it seen by all? If its seen by all, how can I private message (PM) you? Best Regards Biggles.
  8. canthai
    canthai bradmeister
    Message sent via your website contact form. Thanks. Dale
  9. Mohamed Mussa
    Mohamed Mussa
    When you're wearing a motorcycle helmet, people don't know who you are. So I just wander around and, yeah, it's pretty awesome. Zac Brown
  10. RideToRoots
    Working on a new project for riders in Chiang Mai. :)
  11. mekongfrank
    Feb-April 2018: Riding an XR200 south to north in VN
  12. Conemeister
    Returning March 2018 for another Nth Thailand run
  13. antaryder
    Sgn to Hanoi dec17
  14. John Oreal
    John Oreal
    Born to ride and ride to come back. life is a great journey!
  15. Welshgirl
    Female biker based in Chiang mai
  16. Welshgirl
    Based in Chiang mai riding cbx
  17. O.Daniel
    Planning to get lost soon
  18. Hawgmeyer
    Heading to S.E. Asia. I'm hoping to fly into Hanoi and ride to Pattaya and fly out of Bangkok. Want info on crossing borders etc.
  19. NELSKA
    Ready for a first trip with the V-strom to Nan province.
  20. Ines
    looking for 2 honda wins in Luang Prabang!
  21. Neil
  22. Khun Kay
  23. DavidFL
    Killing time recovering from a knee replacement.
  24. cdohrman
    Planning the next Northern Thailand round trip with a side step to the 1. Vang Vieng Bike Fest
  25. captainpants