1 day off road from Chiang Mai

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  1. A few of us are travelling to Chiang Mai this weekend for a day off road. I'm trying to find maps/routes online. I have the routes from this site but we're after something with a little more off road.
    Anyone out there know a good route for experienced riders?
    Seems like i need to buy the MHS map. anyone know if it's available anywhere in CM?
    Also, any help on a decent place to rent bikes?
    I hear there's a farang guy with a rental place, any ideas?
    We just want to get out in the mountains and away from the Bangkok rumble for a while.
  2. If you go to HOME page and click on BIKES all the info you want is there, also a good idea to read NEW USERS as well
  3. Tom sounds like you're planning the perfect escape trip.
    A little self research in advance will be big help.
    1. The Mae Hong Son loop map is available in scores of places in Cnx & North Thai. See
    2. Bike Rental Shops. There are 2 places to look
    3. For dirt loops,there is no shortage on his board. Take a look at

    Probably none of these will be right though as you claim to be looking but for just a day off-road. If that is your main consideration & youve only got a day, then jut take the MHS Loop map & try one of the link ups that go from Samoeng to R1095, the Mae Malai - Pai road.
    One of these should suffice if you're just looking to escape the Bangkok rumble for a day.

    pls let us know how you go with a trip report...
  4. Thanks for your help guys, this is a really lazy way of finding information i know!! work constraints and a late planned trip.
    just need fresh air and fresher roads.

    needs must when the devil rides.
  5. Hello evertonian. Guess what E3L0 means!
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    the best birthday present ever last September.
    especially when all the lads are reds!!!

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