1 man. Khao Krajom and 3 falls!

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  1. 3 recorded fall, anyway!

    Needing to get out from the long hours I did over the last few weeks, I decided to take a lone trip up Khao Krajom; a day trip there and back. I’ve done it a few times in a 4x4 and I went so far on the Versys with the supplied Dunlops before turning back some time ago. On this occasion it was a little wet in places and rained on my decent. The only thing I can say is I expected to fall off, and I did!

    The camera doesn’t do the steepness justice at all, in fact, it looks flat on the video. At the first stop as I walk away from the bike, you can get an idea of how steep the hills are, some were much steeper.
    Just before I walked away from the bike to check the surface, I glanced back and stopped the bike. Even though the bike was on the tarmac that was left, the bike slid backwards with wheels locked.
    Eventually when I passed the first climb, at one point I reached a section of wet clay and though best to try and power up the hill keeping momentum as it was very steep, but the Scorpions had no traction at all and I lost the backend, subsequently I went one way and the bike the other. Unfortunately the jolt messed both action cameras up so I didn’t record this event. No damage to the bike, however.
    On the decent I was a little apprehensive in the wet section from the previous fall so I took it steady and tried to keep where there was gravel or a little rough, but like a noob I forgot to disconnect the ABS on the first decent which is very steep, sending the ABS into a frenzy. As I was building momentum I turned the wheel into a bit of a rut to stop the bike before letting it on its side. Oddly the action camera makes the hills look flat, believe me, they’re not. My third I was standing on the pegs leaning back a little as the rear was trying to swing round, but the front lost it and I ended up in a ditch.
    In hindsight it was a bad decision to do the run by myself. My two biker mates planned a 3 day trip to Hua Hin which I couldn’t join, so I took a day trip out myself. Falls and all I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    It was cloudy, but the view and cool fresh air for a change was beautiful.

    The music is simply to disguise the bad mic sound in parts from the Drift.

    Planning another run in December if anyone is interested. I'm hoping my AirDog drone arrives by then
  2. Let me know next time you're riding out that way. I've seen a few videos of Thais at Huay Khok Mu, looks worth a visit.

    There's accommodation in Suan Pheung and back roads that appear to follow the border quite closely up into Kanchanaburi. Been on my radar for a while just haven't got round to doing it yet.

    BTW there's a delay with the Airdogs. I'm a backer too. Won't make it here by December unfortunately. Otherwise it could have been a pack of Airdogs!
  3. That's quite a ride out there alone + on a Versys = I'm impressed. Well done.
  4. Will do.

    Yeah, just as I posted this I saw my inbox. Q1 they recon they recon now.

    Not sure of the back roads but the tarmac run from Suan Pheung to Kanchanaburi is pretty is pretty decent.

    Better tires for the next run though!
  5. True, but not for these guys in dry by the looks of it.

  6. Cheers,

    I don't think it was that difficult to be honest, the tires were the big issue. Slightest bit of wet on clay there were all over the place. Enjoyed it all the same,

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